Dollar Fox

Dollar Fox

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Stuff a catchy rock band and an old timey string band in your wallet and you'll pull out a Dollar Fox.


The music stopped. The applause started … And for that brief moment, one song into their first show, the boys let out a sigh of relief and looked at each other as if to say “you know … I think this might work.” And it’s those seven words that have defined Dollar Fox ever since.

With a willingness to try anything once, this five-piece band from Kansas City is an amalgam of everything they love about music. It’s a philosophy that becomes abundantly clear every time they play. And with five members who share twice as many instruments between them, the first thing you’ll notice is this is a band that doesn’t like to sit still. It’s a band without rules, pretense or expectation. They play music they love … their music … and they play it the way they want to hear it. They don’t believe in labels or boundaries. They don’t try to be what they’re not. They’re just five musicians who respect the song as much as they respect each other. They’re ordinary men who write and perform songs with their hearts, their heads, their hands and feet. They play music because they have songs that need to be sung. Songs of love, loss, friendship and family. Sweetly crafted songs served with a dash of bitters. And they play this music with each other because they seem to be the only people in the world who understand exactly what these songs need. Most importantly, they’re always willing to see what doesn’t work to find what does.

Dollar Fox is Ethan Taylor, Justin Penney, Nick Dothage, Ryan Watkins and Tommy Donoho III. As of the writing of this bio, they play accordions, banjo, bass, drums, guitars, mandolin, piano, upright bass and vocals — though should the need arise, they’ll add more. They all play whichever instrument they feel like. They all sing. And they all make the music exactly what it is … theirs.


Close to Home (2010) - LP/CD - Frequently played by multiple DJs on 90.1 FM, Included in "The Mailbox" podcast

Big Rock Candy Mountain/Spike Driver Blues - 7" Split Single with The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Frequently played by multiple DJs on 90.1 FM, Included in "The Mailbox" podcast