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Preston, England, United Kingdom

Preston, England, United Kingdom
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"Chequers Review"

I didnt know what to expect when i went to see Dollface play at the chequers, I had heard a few songs from there E.P which was good, but I always like to reserve judgement untill I hear a band play live. As I arrived the band was sound checking and I could tell straight away from listening to the music they they was really tight, and just by watching I could see the band all seemed at ease with each other and the music. Despite being let down a bit by the small P.A system the band managed to get a really good sound and the songs really came to life played live, like I said the songs was good on the demo but live they was awsome and packed a huge god almighty punch. The combination of Female lead vocals and male backing vocals worked really well and the sound was like a cross between the offspring and L7!
After seeing them live I am now a Big dollface fan, and if they keep working hard and slogging away I have no doubt that they will be getting offered lots of record deals in the very near future.

S Pockington - S Pockington - Shock and Awe promotions

"Rock City website review"

"The new wave of new wave post punk begins here, this band is the beginning
of a new era in punk music and are an imperitive must see"

Five piece punk band, female vocals, dollface are shades of Tampasm (if
they'd persisted) Transvision Vamp (if they'd been remotely interesting)
Vice squad, The Offspring, Sex Pistols, Hole, Blondie and a few other little bits
and bobs dotted around the place. Dollface definitely has a straight
British edge with a no-nonsense style of our own. Fast chugging riffs and a
sound that'll make your arse bleed let alone your ears! Manic, off our
heads and faces - debauchary and excess all the way - leave none
dissappointed and make a few quid in the process!
Dom Gourlay of Rock City

- Dom Gourlay / Rock City

"Nottingham Rock festival review (part)"

...Dollface hit the stage at gone midnight, their lead front woman Penny having to sit down most the gig and take her shoes off after previously fainting from the heat in the oven that is the Old Angel upstairs! However, with all this going against them they put on a set and a show that is original and hits you right between the eyes and grabs your attention. These local guys are probably destined for big things – they’ve got the look and the image, and they’ve got the songs that takes them a cut above most nu-punk bands doing the rounds at the moment. There’s obvious quality in the song-writing department, mainly thanks to chief song-writer and guitarist Spike, who shows obvious potential for writing some hit tunes. At the moment the songs are simple, but they are effective and that will do them well for just starting out and hitting the pub circuit – mixing a range of early punk influences like the Sex Pistols with more recent stuff like Hole (lead singer Penny does bare a resemblance to a certain Courtney Love both in looks and voice!). However they’ve quite obviously veered away from the pop styled punk rock of Blink 182 and Green Day, which is a wise move, as in the long run that type of music will fade away but originality and good song writing will never die. Keep an eye on these guys, blink and you might miss them on their way to the top!

5 Stars out of 5 Stars

Al White - Al White - aka DJ Eval Notts Trent Rock society

"'Solitary Vice' E.P review"

DOLLFACE - Solitary Vice

(E.P.)‘Solitary Vice’ E.P. is the first release from Nottingham-based band Dollface, who specialize in old-skool glam-rock/punk choons with a modern twist. Right from the start, it screams A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E, these guys are gonna make it clear that they mean business. And why not? The Nottingham music scene has been dominated for far too long by a strange coalition of heavy rockers with leather trousers and girly hair, and by pasty-faced chin-stroking musos with an obsession for acoustic guitars. In the midst of all this Dollface are a breath of fresh air. Live favourites ‘Burn’ and ‘Brazen’ are done in a classically old-skool punk sound, with perhaps a bit of glam-rock thrown in for good measure (though probably more evident on ‘Used and Bruised’). Singer Penny’s angry vocal style, and indeed the sound of the band as a whole isn’t unlike Tampasm (remember them?) or any other girl-fronted punk band with an ear for a tune. Unlike Tampasm though, the other three members of the band are male, and it has to be said that guitarist Spike’s backing vocals provide the perfect accompaniment to Penny’s lead vocals, giving the whole sound a bit more contrast and depth. The stand-out track on the E.P. is probably ‘Used and Bruised’, a vitriolic anti-love song which tests singer Penny’s vocal range to the limit. She spits out ‘I never wanna see you, never wanna hear you. Never, never, never, never wanna feel you!’ Hey girls, I’m sure we’ve all been there! Catch Dollface playing in Nottingham while you can. They’re playing with Kickback on Friday 27th July @ The Old Angel.
5 out of 5 star rating
Amy Bowler - Amy Bowler - independent fanzine and Rock City, Nottingham reviewer


EP - 'Solitary Vice'  2006
EP - 'Freak Circus' 2008
(both self released demo EP's)



Spike and met at the age of 16 over a love of great music and great songwriting and set about writing songs together - taking influence from great songwriters such as Jagger/Richards, bob dylan etc but never thought it would come to much - a few years later they decided to form a band and see what happens - after a relocation to nottingham they formed their first incarnation of the band now known as Dollface - back then it was known as skinfinger -

'Skinfinger'quickly became a regular crowd pleaser supporting at gigs around Nottingham and the UK. Taking them as far afield as TJ's in Newport, Wales and it wasn't long before they were being booked for headline slots.

2006 - All Change!
On recording their first 4 track EP, 'Solitary Vice', at Psyrex studios, Nottingham - it was decided that 'Skinfinger' wasn't a suitable name for the music that being produced and after deliberation 'Dollface' was decided upon. Soon after, through 'difference-of-opinion', Dollface split.

2007-2009 -
After numerous unsuitable, incompetent, unreliable (or all three!) members and lineups over three years they decided to take action and relocate the band 200 miles north to Preston - Penny's hometown.

2009 - present
After advertising for new band members SpiKe and Penny got a call from Roy, the current bass player, who had a mate called dave (Webby) that played drums and were looking for a new band following the break up of their previous band - the 315s.

2010 - ???? The Future
Well, who knows what it will hold-hopefully after 6 years of slog, disappointment and generally being messed about with. plus the fact that now we have the best lineup we've ever had- everything will start falling into place....we hope!

What sets dollface apart from other bands? -
What sets us apart from other bands is the superb dynamic of timelessly catchy, intelligent songwriting in a rock/pop/punk style, that's faithful to the soul and energy of the music - with real great rock socks that audiences will sing along to and inspire others. Previous press has said "a new era being created"

Musically speaking our influences come from all different directions - ie spike's guitar style comes from guitarists such as slash, richie sambora, kirk hammet where as the final dollface sound is a energetic rock, erring on punk with a definite layer of glamour to boot - ranging from blondie to the offspring and has a definite unique sound with really catchy choruses. All dollfaces songs are written by spike and Penny