Dolls on Fire

Dolls on Fire

 Leawood, Kansas, USA

High-energy, vocally-driven synth rock with pop sensibilities and electronic tendancies


Dear listeners,

Welcome to our humble musical abode. No need to check your mind or manners at the door; were all here to have a good time and we promise to be rocking out with you the whole way. Sure, we're spinning feisty metaphoric odes on life, love, friends, enemies, even mythical beasts, but that's just the icing on this brand of high-energy, vocally-driven synth pop we call our own. The hooks and harmonies are free of charge; please join us in belting them out, and invite your friends along for the ride. You may find yourself drumming too hard on the steering wheel, or pulling some air guitar riffs when no one is looking; that's ok, we proudly do it too. We don't have a list of side effects, but if you find yourself a little sassier, a little spunkier, perhaps humming incessantly later...well...then your DoF prescription has finally kicked in. Take as many as you want, enjoy the mint on your pillow, and we promise to call you the next day.

Hugs and kisses,

Dolls on Fire


"Ladies and Gentlemen ..."
debut 7 song LP, released 11-13-12