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"Dolly’s Circus Music Review – “F*ck them up” Israeli-style."

Can’t quite recall how I found the Israeli band Dolly’s Circus music video “Fuck them up”, but I’m REALLY glad I did. They play hard, with an enthusiasm and intensity that sounds and feels so natural that you can’t help but connect with it.

Besides a well filmed video of them rocking out in a small studio, the video isn’t overly fancy… but it does the trick. In cut scenes from the studio-jam-session, the band runs through an Israeli town like they are heading to a ’50s gang fight… then proceed to whup up on mannequins on couch and a TV in a field. So maybe it’s an anti-couch-potato song? I can get behind that.

Dolly's Circus Logo from the video still
Musically, is a common guitar/bass/drums setup with a woman singer… it’s aggressive, straight-forward hard rock/metal, with a strong rolling bass line, thumping old-school drums with a great head-banging hook throughout. About 2.5 minutes in, a sweet guitar solo adds a lot to the power and thrash of the song, not just to the player’s ego – it just grinds it out. Well done.

Having a woman singer may cause you to think this isn’t an aggressive band… you’d be flat-feckin’ wrong. Liron Refaeli out-rocks 90% of guys, but does it with her own style… it’s catchy (and sexy) as hell. You believe her when she says she’ll “fuck them up and slap them down”… she’d totally kick your ass, and look good doing it.

I can’t make much sense of the lyrics (posted on the video pages), but it’s catchy and powerful and fun. Just what you need sometimes.

Dolly’s Circus – Fuck Them Up - ????? ?? ????

Paralyzed Sleep – the 2nd video from the upcoming album

The second video from their upcoming album is called “Paralyzed Sleep” and it’s a whole different take… hard rocking for sure, but a much darker take, both musically and in the video. It’s pretty creepy, both Liron the singer and another girl are gothed/monstered up, and at least one gets kidnapped and tied down… the second girl actually sews her mouth shut during it… eww. It’s an interesting video. It’s all a bit more produced and spooky/disturbing, but a pretty good listen too. They actually have an epilepsy warning because of the flashing lights in the production.

I still like the power/aggro in this song, but I miss the raw-ness of the previous track. All in all, if these are the first two tracks of an album, it’s gonna be a great one to pick up.

Dolly’s Circus – Paralyzed Sleep – ????? ?? ????

Much of the Dolly’s Circus website and Facebook page, Youtube channel and some of the songs are in Hebrew, so I have little clue as to what they mean. Translations anyone?

I’ll let you know here when the album is available in the US… I’ll certainly buy a copy.

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- GET PUNCHY - by Charlie Punchy


Our first Album "Mirror Mirror" 2009
produced indipandently distribute only in Israel

our latest singles attached are new material



For the past 6 years we're making music for our dedicated fans in

Along the way we have experienced numerous collaborations and tour
shows that glued together our sound,

Our texts sends a strong massage to society, mainly about actual things that bothers or touches us strongly.
our songs contain a strong but humorous social criticism "Psychopathic DICTATOR" for exemple (released 2 weeks ago), "Fuck them up" is about the REALITY scene, MARRY HAD A LITTLE LAMb - cover which contains marry with her little sex slave in the video (texts are included in our epk)

during the past year we've recorded material for our 2nd album that we wish it to see light in the US, and as a result to expand our audience to it's
American core nature.

Our latest (pre realised) single called "Psychopathic Dictator"

is a protesting parody against the Iranian Nuclear bombs, I truly hope you'll like it

Please take a moment to listen to our latest singles and the videos listed below
Hopefully you'll feedback us regarding any collaboration you'll have in mind.