Dolorous Canter

Dolorous Canter


We're an emotional hardcore band that plays with sincerity and honesty, simple qualities that focus on the music and the message. Plus we play hard each and every time.


The term 'emo' orginally stood for emotional hardcore. And Dolorous Canter is an emotional hardcore band. We try to reinject the sincerity, honesty and the desperation that seems to have faded now in our community when they once ran rampant. We do this in our own ways and in a collective effort based on our own pasts.

We live in Chicago IL.

The words 'dolorous' and 'canter' can be looked up in a dictionary. Look for them, maybe you'll find meaning in more than just the definitions.


EP: The Alpha Project

Set List

5-8 songs depending on how much time we get. In a 30 minute set, we play 5 songs, and in a 45 minute song, we play 8.