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The Future


Born and raised in the rough streets of South Central Los Angeles, CA, Dolow encountered some tough times after his father’s leg became amputated and his mother was diagnosed with cancer before the young rapper/producer was even a teen. Since, his father was handicap, he became a self-supportive youth, turning to the streets, where he soon made a name for himself as a fledging rapper. Known as "Dolow" in his neighborhood, he soon formed a rap group “PFN” Professional Navigators and did all he could to break into the rap game. Dolow also was a gang member at this time, doing what needed to be done to make money and survive. For a while, he ran around with his gang and started producing and making records with Daz Dillinger of the Dogg Pound. After performing with Daz at Billabong he was introduced to Snoop Dogg whom is Daz’s first cousin. From Snoop he learned how to navigate through the rap industry and what moves to make. He also rapped and sang a hook on Daz’s “DPGC You Know What I’m Throwing Up” album and received credits on Snoop Dogg’s “Paid the Cost to be The Boss” album. Subsequently, Dolow decided to make an untraditional decision and graduate college while perfecting his music craft in New Orleans, LA. A very intelligent strategy for increasing his chances of success. Dolow learned the New Orleans underground bounce music and combines it with the west coast sound and has establish him self as a solid producer on the independent scene in Los Angeles. Today. Dolow is producing, teaching pro tools and Music production at a youth center in South Central Los Angeles. Dolow is a Diamond in the rough and some day you will be proud that you made his acquaintance and were blessed to have the opportunity to work with him.


Credtis, Snoop "Paid the Cost 2 Be tha Boss",Daz "DPGC U know What I'm throwin Up"