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"I don't like people"

"Nothing lays on a surface in this album, it develops gradually, as a negative film... It's occurring the same with the sound of the album: at first sight it seems to be badly recorded, but actually this sound is magnificent"(free translation)
Andrey Buharin - musical critic - "Rolling Stone" magazine / January, 2008

"Speaking about music..."

"During the year I remarked some appreciable for me musical events. It's the release of the album of Dolphin, Zemfira and Leningrad... I would put the new disk of Dolphin on the first place - we still have to evaluate his work completely. Listen to this thing if you didn't yet..." (free translation)
Artemiy Troitsky - musical critic - Business magazine "ITOGI" / 08.01.2008

"The last Hero"

"Inexpressible beauty and fatal tenderness are poured on all the album; in general, the perception and the internal organization of "Youth" give a reason to compare Dolphin to a late Tsoy. And there is nothing surprising. In fact Dolphin is quite to itself the last hero too" (free translation)
Alexander Gorbachev - musical critic - "Afisha" magazine / December, 2007

"Incredible Talent!"

"Dolphin has the talent to find in hip-hop, alternative, rock and many other styles things that many others don't guess at all... "Youth" is one of the best albums of the last year." (free translation)
Ilya Legostayev - musical critic - "ÌÊ" newspaper / 18.01.2008


1997 - Not in Focus
1999 - The Depth of Sharpness
2000 - I Will Live - live
2000 - Fins
2002 - Tissues
2004 - Star
2005 - Star - live
2007 - Youth



Dolphin's incredible live performances earned him the love, respect, and acknowledgement of tens of thousands of people, which attend his concerts each year. He was never estimated as any musical type with the generally used term. Though, conditionally, he describes his style as: poetry reading, with an edge to an electronic/rock beat.

Dolphin is respected by professional writers, and the National Russian Writers Union acknowledges him as one of the most outstanding modern poets. The sincerity of his creativity never leaves anyone indifferent. In the year 2000 Dolphin was awarded one of the most prestigious Russian awards "Triumph" for his contribution to the national music culture.

In 2002 he signed his contract with Universal Music Russia. His last album "Zvezda" (The Star) has been released 21.03.2004. One of the album's tracks, "Glaza" (Eyes) was written and produced by Dolphin together with Stella Katsoudos, a well known after her collaborations with Peter Gabriel, Trent Reznor, and Ministry.

Launch-Party for the album "Zvezda" - a big concert in the Moscow Estrada Theater - became a really memorable event of the spring season in Moscow.

The singles from the album, "Vesna" (Spring), Romans (Love song) and "Serebro" (Silver) were at the top of Russian radio charts for over 20 weeks! They brought Dolphin to a new stage of popularity and a new wave of recognition throughout the country.

In 2004 Dolphin was nominated for and awarded the highest Russian musical awards, including; "Best Artist" in the RMA (Russian MTV Awards), "Best Artist" in the Radio Maximum Awards (Russia's major rock station), "Man of the Year" in the "Choice of MK" (MK being the most popular Russian daily newspaper).
Finally in 2004 Dolphin has been recognized as the best performer at MTV Russia Music Awards.

In 2005 Universal Music Russia released the live re-edition of the "Zvezda" album.

Also in 2005 NFPF (the National Federation of Phonogram Producers) along with the Russian media agency Intermedia awarded Dolphin with the diploma "for the contribution to the future" (for always being in the vanguard of Russian music).

July 7, 2005, he became the headliner of the Moscow part of the global Live 8 Concert.

In 2006 the clip "Silver" has been nominated as the best video at ceremony of MTV Russia Music Awards.

November 22, 2007 – release of the album "Youth" …


Ruslan Volkov
Dolphin Director
tel: +7 916 676 24 64

Vladimir Teplyakov
Dolphin Management
tel: +7 926 842 00 17

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