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"Dolphin City"

"With a record titled 'Discretion,' minimalist album art... and songs named 'I Am Love You' and 'Presque Vu,' it's almost as if they are pleading 'take us seriously!' And why not? The music merits as much."

"Piano is used skillfully throughout - avoiding the cliches of current piano rock."

"Given the area's preponderance of feather-light surf rock and [given] that so much of current pop seems to almost pride itself on being stupid, the more thoughtful approach of Dolphin City doesn't feel pretentious. Rather, it's refreshing."

-Albert Ching, OC WEEKLY - OC WEEKLY 12/19/08- Article by Albert Ching


"Discretion," Dolphin City's debut full-length album, was released for digital download through the group's website in October 2008 and on CD's in December 2008.

"Discretion" is a available through all major digital retailers. Songs receive airplay on 88.9 KUCI and 101.5 KOCI. The album in its entirety was played on its day of CD release on KUCI.



Dolphin City formed in November 2007, through fortuitous chance meetings, childhood friendships, and a drive to create shared by four musicians, artists, and songwriters from Newport Beach. Dolphin City's music is original, mysterious, passionate, complex, and romantic. The experimental pop sound is enjoyed by men and women, old and young, and has inspired an extraordinarily dedicated and diverse fan following.

Drew Morgan, Eric Scullin, Tyler Ellis, and Kevin Bleitz began working on Dolphin City’s debut album "Discretion" in January of 2008. The band financed the album entirely on their own, digging into their savings and scrounging up money from selling everything from books and used CDs, to musical equipment, and even their cars. The hard work and trials they have faced during the year has paid off, with the completion of a sonically inspiring album.

The band produces its work independently in close association with producer/ engineer Shawn Michael Sullivan, making edited versions and custom mixes for music supervisors in only a few hours. The group can easily assist any deadline-oriented filmmaker or music editor in television and cinema.

The group incorporates multimedia light shows and audience participation/ performance art into their live shows. A variety of visual elements, including analog light mixing and multi-source projections, are blended with the sonic motives.

Noting influences from Brian Eno, Tom Waits, and Talking Heads, Dolphin City creates an energetic sound of their own that is captured on "Discretion." "Discretion", is an experimental pop meets art rock and punk explosion, with rollercoaster-like songs such as “Wine and Grapes,” and “Presque Vu,” while other notable ballads, like “Do What is Right,” and “Lady V” showcase the band’s ability to further explore emotion and tone.

The band decided to release the album on their own record label, Dolphin City Records. The album was released for digital download in October 2008 through their own website, to satisfy album requests from fans.