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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
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The most memorable part of Boogaloo Festival was the cars. Rows upon rows of decked out buses turned into DJ Booths, RVs turned into lounges, and flamboyant vehicles bursting with art. This speaks to a more important thing that made Boogaloo Festival stand out from its larger counter-parts: a community driven mindset (which comes as no surprise to a seasoned burner). The vast amount of co-creation that I witnessed over the weekend was astounding, and I'm gonna give you a little bus tour of just how awesome it was:

Stop #1: The Dirty Beetles vs. Oak Canyon Park

Tucked away past Orange, CA is Oak Canyon Park, nestled in the mountains of South Los Angeles. For the past 3 years, a rouge troupe of creators called the Dirty Beetles decided to take up shop with a few of their friends. Described as an Art Car & Music Festival, Boogaloo massively succeeds in carrying the funky DIY energy from Burning Man to LA County. The Dirty Beatles curated a stellar line-up of tech house, electro-funk, and R&B acts, including Z-Trip b2b A.Skills, Vanilla Ace, The Funk Hunters, DJ Dan, and Mark Farnia of mushroom jazz fame. More on them in a second, lets go to the heart of the grounds

Stop #2: The Mainstage

(photo: Miles Najera)

The Mainstage area was the heart of the entire endeavor, equipped with massage tables, amazing visuals, and a whole lot of weirdos. This is where the majority of the bass heavy music was playing, and where Z-Trip and A.Skillz performed the most memorable set of the weekend, filling the grounds with hot and heavy 90's RB bangers. Earlier in the evening came The Funk Hunters with an amazing electro-funk sound. Furthermore, the visuals for the Mainstage were delightfully weird, combining psychedelic patterns with retro cartoons. I was also delighted to watch Dom Corleone, winner of Boogaloo's beat contest previously featured on EDM Sauce.

Stop #3: The Unicorn Stage

Anyone remember Charlie The Unicorn, that incredibly hyper YouTube animation from eons ago? Well, you better get ready for candy mountain, because he's back in the form of a party bus. Equipped with candy cane dancing poles, pseudo-motivational candy hearts, and a giant Charlie The Unicorn Head, the Unicorn stage was the one stop shop for a bubblegum neon dance party. Featured here was the lauded Vanilla Ace and DJ Dan wrapping up both Friday and Saturday nights respectfully. While fun for adults at night, the Unicorn Stage was a mecca for the younglings during the day. Shout out to the 8-year old that was spinning at 11AM Saturday morning, you've got some serious chops.

Pit Stop: Lemonade Time!

“Hydrate before you Vibrate” was a popular sign that floated around the festival. This traveling lemon car was dishing out the tastiest way to hydrate, and was clearly the crowd favorite. Pro tip: the spicy cayenne lemonade went great with rum! Moving on…

Stop #4: The Dangle Bus

The vibrancy of Boogaloo was extremely influenced by the unofficial stages that came to fruition during the weekend. San Diego based collective The Dangle Zone has the best outlier party, IMO. This crew knows how to hang. They had a tiki themed stage blasting tech house, a trampoline to dance on, and gave tacos out late Saturday afternoon for all to enjoy. A+ my friends.

Stop #5: The Blackbird Bus

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb, mantra of the Blackbird Bus.

Despite several noise ordinances throughout the late hours of the festival, the Blackbird Squadron could not be stopped. The M.O of the crew was connection, and I could tell the vibes ran deep throughout their community. Despite being absolutely too exhausted to dance, I was able to enjoy the scene from atop one of their many double-decker busses. Ride on, my friends.

Stop #6: The Pearl Necklace

Deep into the fields of art cars and RVs was the majestic pearl necklace. Often seen on the outskirts of Burning Man each year, the Pearl Necklace made a swashbuckling appearance. Between the hot house music, the 30mph gusts on Friday evening, and the inevitable dust storm that followed, I felt as if I was really on the Playa. Pro tip: bring a bandanna, always.

Well, there you have it folks. Another successful burn. Be sure to check out the Dirty Beatles for their upcoming events. And next year, when festival season rolls around in 2018, ask yourself: #DoYouBoogaloo? - EDM Sauce

"Discovery Music: Alumni Tracks You Should Know Vol. 18"

We put together some of our favorite Discovery Project alumni tunes for you. We do this regularly, so keep checking in to see the latest and greatest from our Discovery artists.


One of L.A.’s best bass duos is back at it with a captivating record as sonically massive as it is heartwarming. Starting off with a poignant piano intro, the track evolves into a huge, chord-driven trap beat that touches on a bit of drum & bass and all the best elements of the nuanced future bass sound. Working in some soulful (and perfectly semi-comprehensible) vocals, Planet Rock launches the track to space with its full range of styles and impressive production intricacies.


With “Gargantua,” Monoverse shows us again why he is one of the most talented up-and-comers in the progressive trance scene. He’s received support for the record from some of the genre’s elite, including Markus Schulz, Protoculture, Ben Gold and Lange. With frequent playtime on platforms such as Armin van Buuren's ASOT radio show, the Tri-State Area native is emerging into a globally recognized producer. As his discography continues to expand, we can’t wait to hear Monoverse take his mainstage sound to new heights.


Two is always better than one, so when a pair of our alumni partner up on a collaboration, we get super excited. “Soul” is the joint creation of San Francisco's Durtysoxxx and New York’s Night Movers, both surfacing techno stars in their own right. The first thing that comes to mind when hearing this tech house jam is a packed mega-club dancefloor (e.g., Space Ibiza) at about 4am. A thumping bassline is accompanied by a commanding vocal that guides the listener throughout the epic rave record while alternating pitch right on cue. The track’s flow is flawless and carries the skillfully constructed heavy techno vibes in the right direction from start to finish. This is another mid-set weapon that any techno DJ should carry in their arsenal. - Insomniac


I say that, but I almost kind of mean it. While this track doesn’t sound entirely original, its approach is. It rolls up so much nostalgia into a single cohesive track that my bleached blonde, spiked hair is about to crumble. Blending some seriously outdated samples with modern sound design and some old school synths and basslines, this track is definitely made to get a party poppin’.

The deep house, the ’90s hip-hop, even the Bloody Beetroots saws in the second half, it all seems like a big tribute song, but it’s done very, very well. - YourEDM


L.A.'s Dom Corleone new original “Dirty Talk” is a self-described Booty Bass record that get's incredibly hype. The release is the upcoming producers entry for the EDCLV Discovery Project Competition, and I think it's sounding pretty great. Bright synths, glossy style and an overall good bounce to it. Stream + Download “Dirty Talk” now: - EDM Sauce

"Discovery Project Releases: Planet Rock “Need U” [Free Download]"

Since their inception, hip-hop and dance music, two children of the ‘70s and ‘80s born from the same machines, have seen times when they are both at odds with each other and peacefully coexisting in the same space. Right now, we’re seeing the latter, and with more dance music fans than ever before, the space for diversity on the dancefloor has never been bigger. Enter Planet Rock. These two L.A. turntablists-turned-producers naturally have strong roots in hip-hop, but they’ve also kept their ears firmly focused on the high-energy sounds coming from within their city’s legendary rave scene.

Separately, the two come to the table with years of experience both behind the decks and in the studio. Dom Corleone brings high-energy, Miami bass-inspired booty beats, while Arthur (NEO-TOKYO), specializes in uplifting future bass. Together, the duo has created a style that bridges the gap between the club and the big room in a sound that would make ravers and backpack rappers alike get their asses on the floor.

Following their breakout performance at EDC Las Vegas 2014, Planet Rock have since rocked many Insomniac stages, including Countdown 2015, where their opening set ended with a packed house of Headliners eating up every minute of bass-bumping, booty-shakin’ action these two future legends delivered.

On their newest release, “Need U,” the latest in the Discovery Project Releases series, Planet Rock exemplify their futuristic sound via lush, R&B-inspired chords that stutter and glitch in the best way possible once the beat drops. With just enough ghetto groove to keep things moving, “Need U” perfectly straddles the worlds of electronic music and hip-hop.

You both have backgrounds in turntablism. What are your thoughts on the current state of DJ culture?
DJ culture is in a good place despite most negative opinions. Anyone is gonna rag on someone who does it the easy way, but we are glad there are established and aspiring DJs that still are interested in performing their sets like a DMC DJ. They are what we like to call a DJ’s DJ, if you will.

Do you think technology has helped or hindered DJs?
We think technology has helped DJs thus far. Although it has made it easier to execute the craft and it has opened up [DJ culture] to more less-experienced people, technology has also created more avenues to explore through live sets.

Big-name DJs often get pegged for playing sets full of Top 100 hits. How do you think a DJ should play to the room?
There are too many politics behind this, in our opinion. If you are an opening DJ, you should [chill the fuck out.] Honestly though, play what the crowd expects from you. If that involves some popular bangers in the set, throw those in there, but be creative with it.

Why do you think future bass and trap have gained such widespread acceptance at raves and electronic music festivals?
These genres are widely accepted because of the fusion of the genres they present. The familiar ravey synths alongside some new but familiar percussion shot these genres straight to the top.

Hip-hop has clearly had a big influence on your music. Who are your favorite MCs?
Big L, Nas, Ludacris, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj.

How did growing up in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene help shape you as artists?
The diversity in L.A.’s hip-hop scene shaped our diversity in styles. Coming from an entertainment capital, we grew up on everything from East Coast and West Coast jams, Southern hits, and even the popular Miami bass style.

Arthur, you’ve said you like to build speakers. Can you tell us more about that?
Arthur: A few years ago, we had the idea to start our own company that provided sound for events. Instead of purchasing all of our equipment, we decided to build our own subwoofers. I did hours upon hours of research on speaker design and building applications, and we built a full-on sound system that can house a 4,000-person event. It currently resides in a secret warehouse in Los Angeles.

What are you listening to right now that isn’t electronic?
We blast throwback hip-hop jams nonstop! - Insomniac


Los Angeles based producer Dom Corleone just dropped a fire new original record titled “Too Tite” and it's up for Free Download. The 90's influenced track's genre on Soundcloud is simply called #Bootyhouse and though I've never heard of that sub-genre or am sure it's a real thing, this song is rad. Listen to “Too Tite” by Dom Corleone after the jump: - EDM Suace

"Artist Info Planet Rock"

Soundcloud Twitter Facebook
PLANET ROCK is the collaboration of Los Angeles' Dom Corleone & ASAA (aka NEOTOKYO). The turntablists-turned-beatsmiths explore the entire macrocosm of club music, from Jersey club drum patterns and Trillville-esque bed creaks to acidfueled, afterhours drum and bass. Each no stranger to the LA electronic music scene-they've received radio airplay from Diplo and have steadily increased both creativity and notoriety enough to win grand prize in Insomniac’s Discovery Contest, sending the duo to perform in Las Vegas at Electric Daisy Carnival. The two have played alongside acts such as Diplo, Dillon Francis, UZ, Huglife, Vindata, gLAdiator, GTA, CRNKN, Harvard Bass and more.


We absolutely love hip hop and anything with heavy bass and that's why we came together as a duo. As solo artists you could hear different influences in our sound. Dom specializes in making high energy hip hop influenced 808 bass and Arthur (aka Neo Tokyo) specializes in making an inspirational future R&B 808 bass sound, so we were able to combine our powers together to bring people something that they can be really excited about. We really like making music because we are able to bring something to the world that makes us and our audience happy.

Home Town: Los Angeles
Currently Living: Los Angeles
Origin Of Name: From the popular song by Afrika Bambaataa, "Planet Rock" that pioneered the 808 bass dance music scene
Weapon of Choice: Internet
Source of Power: 2 Live Crew, DJ Premier, Buraka Som Sistema, Shy FX, DJ Qbert and A-Trak

What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering the Discovery Project competition?
We can give people one piece of advice: just do your best and stay true to you.

Was there one particular moment in the recording or mixing process for your Discovery Project entry that made you feel like you were creating something pretty damn special?
We felt that our track was starting to become really inspirational which inspired us to submit it because after all, EDC has been a very inspiring experience for anyone we’ve ever met whose gone.

Are there any dots to connect with where or how you grew up to your musical output?
We both grew up surrounded by hip hop whether it be a rapper with a DJ on stage, a DMC champion and everything in between. It also helps having parents involved in the funk generation.

What’s the strangest part of your job? What makes you shake your head in wonderment about being a DJ and producer?
A really weird thing about being a producer is that lots of people will really enjoy a song you’ve made that you don't particularly like. Even though you may not like the song, it’s really inspiring to hear words of encouragement on something you are questionable about.

Tell me about your most memorable night out as an artist or as a fan.
The most memorable would have to be playing at EDC this year. It was great seeing friends perform and when it was our time to shine seeing our crowd continuously grow over time. Looking at our friends genuinely happy for us made it such a dream come true.

Do you have any memorable moments from past EDC's or any other Insomniac party?
We were glad we were able to see DJ AM one last time in 2009. It was really amazing seeing him and Boys Noize doing their Michael Jackson tribute.

What is your ultimate career dream?
A Grammy would be awesome!

Are you impulsive with your work or do you have a sketch in mind before you start?
It all depends on the vibe when producing. For DJing we always have something in mind but we usually look to see what the crowd is responding well to.

How important is it for you to experiment and take on the risk of failure?
You will never be able to live out your dreams if you can’t bring yourself to doing that, plain and simple.

Do you have a list of people you’d like to collaborate with in the future?
We would really love to collaborate with some like Feed Me because we really appreciate the artistry of sound design and we strive to one day becoming master Jedi in that field.

If we pressed Shuffle on your iPod while you went to the bathroom, what would you be embarrassed to come back to us listening to?
We are very proud of our music collection, thank you.

What sound or noise do you love?
808 booms and chords

What gets you excited when you think about the future of electronic music and club culture?
The fact that popular music and electronic music are starting to go hand in hand. It has invited a whole new fusion of sounds that excites us about what we have in store for the future.

Do you have a secret passion?
Dom likes making pasta sauce and Arthur likes building speakers.

How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?
We would show them a nuclear explosion going off.

What do you remember about your first DJ gig?
Our first DJ gig as Planet Rock was at the Key Club for a sold-out Dillon Francis show. We were a bit nervous because we had never played a show of that caliber. Despite our nervousness, the excitement had us pumped. The show was packed from wall to wall with everyone going nuts. This was the first time we were able to play out our first productions together and we were glad the crowd loved it.

Do you have a favorite all-time mixed CD or series?
Goldie's FabricLive 58 - Insomniac


New week, new future bass songs. If you were rooting for the Seahawks, this week’s chart should help with that post-game depression. If your team is the Pats, this music will help you celebrate that win accordingly. Either way, I have some feel good music for you. Enjoy!

1. "Too Tite" - Dom Corleone
Dom Corleone earned the #1 spot on this week’s new future bass songs with his latest track “Too Tite." Although this track starts off with a hip-hop/R&B sample, it transitions into a heavy bassline garage banger. He’s dubbed this style “Bootyhouse," and I can only hope that more producers follow in his footsteps creating fire tracks like this one.

2. "Breakdown" - Elaksi
Elaksi’s latest track transcends genre labels with its ethereal 808 vibes.

3. "This Is Not Trap" - Lewdite
Despite its heavy 808’s and rap samples, make no mistakes, this is not trap. Apparently the NBA used this song. Hats off to Lewdite for that major accomplishment.

4. "Hiding Place" - Raf Riley
Raf Riley blends experimental electronic sounds with soulful, melancholy vocals on his latest tune.

5. "Today I Got Time Cuz" - Zikomo x Tek.lun
Two of HW&W and Soulection’s young guns come together on this release. Zikomo and Tek.lun’s collaborative work is a groove-heavy experimentally futuristic beat.

6. "Da Boi Geeked" - Alfred English
My favorite Gucci Mane track of all time ("Pillz"), re-worked into a genre defying beast of a tune by Mad Decent graphic designer and experimental producer Alfred English. Can’t get enough of this one.

7. "Valhalla (Promnite Edition)" - RL Grime feat. Djemba Djemba
Promnite delivers a fresh, trapped-out remix of RL Grime and Djemba Djemba’s track “Valhalla." This one is massive.

8. "Silver Tides" - Salute
This track earned a spot on this week’s new future bass songs thanks to its shimmering melodies, ambient pads, video game samples, and a funky bass line. Pretty much every quality I like about future bass embodied in one song.

9. "Temple" - Sam Gellaitry
Sam Gellaitry’s latest release covers almost every sound that the Soulection label curates. Starting with a light, ambient intro into a bass heavy bridge, "Temple" shifts into Sam’s signature style of jazz influenced house.

10. "Devil Pt.II" - Royal
Royal has been making waves in the future bass community, and his Cycles EP has garnered a lot of attention since its release last week. Although it was tough to choose, “Devil Pt.II” is my favorite track off the EP due to the monstrous bass line that enters around half way through. - Magnetic Mag

"Powerful Picks Of The Week: Volume 18 – Mike Hawkins, Secret Panda Society, Dom Corleone & More"

Powerful music isn’t all about the genre, it’s about the scale of the vibe projected. This week features not only awesome massive house sounds, but more experimental sounds that still hit your hard.

Oh Wonder – The Rain (Myles Travitz & ALMOND Remix)
ALMOND and Myles Travitz team up to take on a Oh Wonder track, a bubbly remix of the original “The Rain” that will leave your ears grooving through all of it’s pulsing, poppy sections.

Dillistone x Aayushi – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Don’t let the title fool you, you’ll find no pop here. Although this is a remake of the classic radio hit “Girl Just Want To Have Fun” this cover is a spacey and ambient collaboration creation.

Dom Corleone – Too Tite
Trap, house, and sexy vocals fused, does it get much better than this? Dom Corleone’s “Too Tite” is simply hypnotic, boasting a series weird sounds that flow and fit well together.

Parasite Single – The Hunt (Bronze Whale Remix)
The powerful journey that Bronze Whale puts together is one-of-a-kind. The simplistic and organic direction Bronze Whale chose to combine with the Parasite Single original makes for a magnificent future bass track.

Download “The Hunt (Bronze Whale Remix)”

Mike Hawkins & JETFIRE – Desert Storm
Originally premiered by Martin Garrix, Mike Hawkins & JETFIRE’s Doorn Records release ‘Desert Storm” takes on eastern-Arabic vibes and injects it would a huge dose of house. The new collaboration will shake you to the core with intense melodies and a burst of bass.

Secret Panda Society – Little Storm (Feat Jessica Main) (Original Mix)
For fans of progressive, nostalgia, and video game music, Secret Panda Society’s “Little Storm” has a big sound; fusing ear-candy sound effects with great musical construction, forming a bouncy, tasty original that won’t be soon forgotten.

Jus Jack & Speed Limits – All Falls Down (Tritonal Edit)
Tritonal has always delivered a balance of powerful creations fused with a meaningful message. Their remix of “All Falls Down” is no different, showcasing guitar riffs, heart-melting vocals, and so much more.

Razihel – Children Of The Night
Haven’t heard much of Razihel from Monstercat, but his “Children Of The Night” original is bass-fueled from top to bottom and contains an all-around spooky vibe. - Raver Rafting

"Powerful Picks of the Week: Volume 35 – The Chainsmokers, Years & Years, DWNTWN, & More"

It’s the beginning of June – festival season and warm weather is officially upon us! This week’s collection of Powerful Picks are full of blissful original tracks and remixes guaranteed to start your summer playlists off happily!

Trademark – Where We Fit In (BYNON x Ember Island x Echosmith)
This mash up of several songs (including a Justin Bieber cover,) flows ever so smoothly and harmoniously, but when the bass drops, it’s a festival banger: get ready to sing along and jump.

Jason Derulo feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma – Try Me
In a pretty surprising turn of events, Matoma collaborates with two pop stars on an ultra-chill and fresh single “Try Me.” With over 200,000 plays in less than a week, this single is definitely worth checking out.

HAEZER – Mutate
Magnifying a dark, somewhat evil theme, HAEZER drops “Mutate.” Combining mid-tempo vibes with heavy, roaring basslines. This is the first time HAEZER has been on Powerful Picks, but most likely wont be the last.

Stratus – The Collider (Original Mix)
Stratus goes harder than hard with his stomach churning original “The Collider.” The track significantly mixes it up with plenty of catchy hooks, pro sound enhancements, and firm chord progressions.

Download “The Collider”

Dom Corleone – Dirty Talk
The Godfather-themed DJ has officially released his EDCLV DJ submission for the 2015 festival. A bit of trap, melody, and originality, making it fun from beginning to end.

Gold Dash – Wanna Make
Gold Dash reworks Akon’s “Right Now (Na Na Na).” It is still recognizable, but this is totally an awesome and original track all on its own. Labeled as “future r&b,” this song has futuristic house vibes and r&b beats that will make you fall in love with it (right now, na na na).

The Chainsmokers – Good Intentions (ft. Bullysongs)
The Chainsmoker’s latest release begins like an early Killer’s song, but it quickly turns into an upbeat anthem. Bullysongs vocals and lyrics are beyond catchy. Out of all of the songs on this list, this one makes me feel the happiest.

Years & Years – King (Gryffin Remix)
Gryffin remixes Years & Years “King” into a deep house tune where the vocals truly shine, making this a more emotionally hitting version of the two. The original “King” is currently one of my favorite songs of the moment, and this remix does it justice through and through.

NGHTMARE & SLANDER – “Gud Vibrations (Myles Travitz Remix)
Myles Travitz remixes his good friends’ track, changing up the drop into something that isn’t future trap, but one that’s more uptempo and just as fun as the original. This one is full of good vibes (and vibrations, of course).

Hirshee – Royal Flush (Wild Boyz! Remix)
The Wild Boyz! duo have tossed together another classic dubstep tune. Blending classic late-2000’s dubstep melodies with the grinding drops similar to what Must Die and Skrillex have been dishing out lately.

(We Are) Nexus – They’ll Never Stop Me (Bimbo Jones Remix)
Bimbo Jones’s innovative chill/tropical/deep house track captures a special good vibe moment with each passing moment. Havn’t heard something quite this unique and uplifting in while.

DWNTWN – Til Tomorrow (Avenore Remix)
This chill track from LA’s DWNTWN gets a D&B remix from fellow City of Angel’s musicians Avenore with beautiful violin work by Elise Ackermann.

GIO – By The Morning Feat. Ashley Michelle
A new group Gio has made it’s way on SoundCloud, releasing an electro-infused vocal track with small hints of trance. I wouldn’t call the tune innovative, but definitely has many enjoyable elements to it. - Raver Rafting


Still working on that hot first release.



Bio -

Dom Corleone is a music producer and turntablist from Los Angeles. His sound is a captivating blend of breakbeat and hip-hop that makes dance floors come alive. 

He won the Insomniac Discovery Project Competition and a set at EDC 2014 as ½ of Planet Rock with their record “Aerospace,” which led to the release of their future bass track  “Need U” on Insomniac Records. Following his EDC performance, he’s performed at many other high profile events including Beyond Wonderland, Nocturnal, and Countdown, sharing the stage with artists such as 12th Planet, Diplo and Gladiator. He currently performs as Dom Corleone at venues across Los Angeles.

In 2016, his love for making booty bass led him to focus his energy on his solo breakbeat project.  With several originals slated for release in the coming months, 2017 is going to be a big year for Dom Corleone.

Venues/Events Performed At -

Las Vegas Speedway

Nos Event Center 

San Manuel Amphtheater

The Yost Theater Orange County 

Avalon Hollywood

Exchange LA

Echoplex Los Angeles

Key Club Hollywood

Oak Canyon Park Silverado, CA

One Love Festival, Lake Perris, CA

Dim Mak Studios

Cinespace Hollywood

La Cita Bar Los Angeles

Cheetahs Los Angeles

Venice Beach Block Party

Space Yacht Los Angeles

Brownies and Lemonade Los Angeles

Brokchella Los Angeles

Broke LA 

Artists Performed With - 


Dillon Francis

Jhene Aiko 

What So Not

Trippy Turtle

Mila J 

Alison Wonderland

Sleepy Tom







Djemba Djemba 



Paul Devro


Harvard Bass

Band Members