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Dom Cours

Elgin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Elgin, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Blues Country




"Invitation to review"

Hey ya'll I would love to have my music reviewed by anyone who may be looking to do so! As you see in my bio, I have a storied past, and I'm on a mission. So, good or bad, doesn't matter. If I need a kick in the ass then have at it. Thanks! - Dom Cours


Album: Dom Cours
1. Canyon
2. Tell Me Bout' Heaven
3. Blue
4. Alabama Rain
5. Michael Malone
6. Devil's Daughter
7. Stolen Gasoline
8. It's over Now



Dom Cours is a raw southern talent who’s music resonates with the soul of the Texas Hill Country.  You can tell he’s burning the right kind of fuel when you see him standing on stage, pouring his heart out into his music, while a crowd lends their ear to enjoy his work.

Dom has always wanting to be a musician, but life has taken him through some soul searching and some hefty detours.  From 8 years as a U.S. Army Infantryman, with three years of combat in Iraq. Followed by years as a single father raising his daughter on his own.  All of his tribulations have paid off. He now has a happy and full family, and back on track following his passion. Dom is well on his way to complete his bachelor’s degree at the world's most prestigious music school, Berklee School of Music in 2020.

Country music and Texas blues is the keystone in the foundation of his musical style. Being raised in the back wood pines of Bastrop County Texas gave him the exposure to country music and lifestyle that fuels his enjoyment in crafting it. His proximity to Austin did the same for the blues. As a result, his sound is swampy and full of grit and driving rhythms. He makes use of multiple instruments to fill the set with layers of different sounds and textures like: the drive of a lead guitar, the slide against the strings of a dobro, the crystal clean sounds of the acoustic guitar, the deep rumble of a low tuned baritone, all held together by the rhythm of an antique alligator alligator-skin suitcase drum. If the venue needs he can bring a support band in for his shows as well.

His self-titled album is out and running! His new album is an exploration of the grey area around the hero, the villain, and the heartbroken lover.  His experience has shown him that there is always a grey area, or more, around such characters. He wanted his stories to test those grey areas, and see if I could make a few songs worth sharing.

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