Domenic Martini

Domenic Martini


Very easy listening music that tends to question the world and everything around us. Folk sounds along with an indie lyrical base. Music is all acoustic based with electric backing.


I tend to draw influences from conversations I have with people I meet. Almost all the songs I write are conversations I have with myself trying to discover or question things that come into play in my life. My musical influences are Bright Eyes, Kevin Devine, Damien Rice, My Morning Jacket, Nick Flora, Owen Pye, and the Avett Brothers.
I am 16 years old and have been writing and recording my music since I was 13. I'm currently trying to build an Indie music scene in Memphis, TN and am starting a record label with musicians that are my close friends. We hope to someday turn our bedroom label/studio into a full fledged Indie Label and help other bands who actually care about the music they are making project their sound across the nation. I believe that music is the one thing that everyone can find meaning in and I want to someday make a living off my music. No matter what it takes.


It's What You Are EP

This Story Tells a Lesson LP (2008)

It was Fire, It was Water LP (2009)

Set List

1. Colour
2. Hospital Noises
3. Water
4. Hello
5. Highways, Highways
6. Wilderness
7. Fire
8. The Somnambulists