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"Idols, right in our backyard: Local musicians work hard to pursue their American dreams"

By Bob Holt

The road to music fame and fortune is easier for American idols passing through Los Angeles. The career path for local musicians is harder, involving such impediments as traffic backups on the Black Horse Pike.

It has long been a well-kept secret that South Jersey has a variety of talented performers right in its backyard.

Among them is the performer known as Dom, who has been on the coffeehouse circuit for about five years. He will tell you he is anything but an American idol. In fact, in his song "Not Supposed to Like," he declares, "My face is perfect for radio work."

Dom, whose full name is Domenic Scarcella, a mouthful of syllables he never uses when performing, is known as a "hard folker." (Yes, his songs are suitable for family audiences.)

Dom defines hard folk as music by people too stubborn to abandon their acoustic guitars, but also too stubborn to play nice all the time.

Despite his stubborn streak, a trip to Los Angeles to compete for a million-dollar recording contract was not in the cards for Dom. Instead, his plans consisted of trips to Blackwood Recording and to Disc Makers in Pennsauken, where Dom himself paid for the pressing of his second CD. ...

- Philadelphia Inquirer -- Friday, June 23, 2006 -- Page B2


* All five songs have been broadcast by commercial, college and/or public radio stations.

ALONG THE WAY (2006; full-length album)
* All 12 songs have been broadcast by commercial, college and/or public radio stations.

LIGHTNING STRUCK (2003; full-length album)
Notable singles:
* "Not Supposed to Like" broadcast by WGLS Glassboro, N.J.
* "Taxi" broadcast by WGLS Glassboro, N.J.




A guy who once lived in four states during a span of two years, Dom somehow landed in southern New Jersey, where they can't seem to get rid of him.

Not surprisingly, his shows are filled with songs and stories that speak to the little bit of vagabond in all of us ...
... moving on & looking around
... why it's good to get lost & why it's good to find
... what we leave & what won't leave us

Those themes are steeped in the Folk tradition of characters and settings, producing a brew that tastes like Folk and Rock with the Blues passing through.

Dom's recorded music stays true to the same elements. Both the award-winning full-length album, Along the Way (2006), and the poignant EP, Remember Me: New, Original Folk Music for the American Soldier (2007), deliver a tangible sense of place, movement and personality. The sound is simple, organic and acoustic in nature. But what the music lacks in window dressing, it more than makes up for in lyrical depth and rhythmic hooks.

All 17 songs on Dom’s two aforementioned CDs have been broadcast by commercial, college or public radio, sometimes alongside the tunes of major-label artists. His story has been told in publications both large (Philadelphia Inquirer) and local. He has performed on television and radio programs, at major music festivals, and in working businesses from quiet galleries to bustling restaurant-&-bars.

So whether you're listening live in a friendly venue or from the speakers of your favorite stereo, get into the music and get to know Dom!