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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Career Building"

“You've gotta love a band with a name like Domestic Godzilla that proclaims, "In rage we are as one!" The group's pummeling metal-edged hard-core almost lives up to the promise of its moniker and its motto on the debut album, "2 Hold You Over"; music this massive should sound a heck of a lot bigger.”

-Jim Derogatis – Chicago Sun Times (5/23/03)
- Chicago Sun-Times

"Boasting it's ready"

“Boasting that it's ready to "destroy anything in its path," Domestic Godzilla pack a furiously heavy wallop that actually sounds like it could back up that warning. A mix of studio and live tracks, 2 Hold You Over is packed with blistering, razor-sharp riffs, 10-ton bass, and intense aggression. The breakdown in "Solidarity" shows their hardcore influences and even thrashing at full speed during their live set, they maintain a Helmet-like precision ("Factotum"). The raging vocals add to the juggernaut that's sure to steamroll right over you.”

-Patrick Conlan – Illinois Entertainer (10/03)
- Illinois Entertainer

"Hard-Core...Damn right!"

"Hard-Core?..Damn right !... Blue Collar?... You Fuckin' bet ... Who are They ???...4 Blue collar guys, and one passion for music is the basis of Domestic Godzilla. Bringin the nu-metal sound to all of Chicago land Domestic Godzilla has siezed (sic) the city much like the movie monster of its own name"

- Rev Payne -

"Light up all of Chicago!"

"You could run a line through these guys and light up all of Chicago!"

-Dan - Local Live Chicago (9/02)

- Local Live Magizine

"real men, not posers or whiny brats"

This four piece hardcore band from the Northwest side of Chicago specializes in straightforward, bash and throttle songs that have more in common with Pantera and Machine Head from the early/mid ‘90s than any of today’s rapcore bands. On songs like Solidarity and Guerrilla, the band stomps through angst-ridden anthems like real men, not posers or whiny brats.

-Marianne Moro – (10/03)

"2 hardcore for metal 2 metal for hardcore"

"Too hardcore to be metal, too metal to be hardcore"

- Justin #2 - Underground Communiqué Radio Show (WLUW 88.7 Chicago)
- Underground Communiqué


Releases are as follows.
9/2001 "Loathing" single
5/2002 "Domestic Godzilla" CD-Rom w/ music video for the song "Guerrilla"
1/2003 "2 Hold U Over" live cd w/ rare recordings
5/2004 "Unite the Underdround" Volume 1
8/2004 "Visions of an American Nightmare" 5 song EP (coming soon)
8/2004 music video for "Point Blank: Media"


Feeling a bit camera shy



Born from the trials of urban anger and rage comes a million tons of intensity and truth. It’s time to open up your mind. The new world and new reality begins here.

With influences ranging from metal, hardcore, punk, and hip-hop, DOMESTIC GODZILLA blends heavy grooves with a wall of sound and intense vocals that can scare the most insane into hiding. Lyrics ranging from the socio-political to disturbing personal topics reflect the band’s vision and identity from the world that they have come from and created. Among dozens of original songs such as “Language Barrier,” “Point Blank: Media,” “Stomp,” and “Brutal Truth” show the band at the peak of its aggression while “Dead Asleep” and “Loathing” reflect an eerie melody of inner turmoil and pain.
Since their May 2001 debut, DOMESTIC GODZILLA has played numerous live shows throughout the Chicago land area (Metro, Cubby Bear, Champ’s, Double Door, Lyon’s Den, Bottom Lounge, etc), performed live on "Underground Communiqué" radio show, opened for national recording artists Prong, released one three-song demo with the debut video for the song “Guerrilla,” (which was aired on JBTV) and released the recent live/rare track “2 Hold You Over” disk. They have also been featured on many underground compilations including "United The Underground V1" which they help create. DG has been played on numerous radio stations including 94.7 THE ZONE.

They are now at work on a new 5 song EP titled "Visions of an American Nightmare" and a new music video for the song "Point Blank Media" set to be unleashed late summer 2004.The band has proven they are not about to vanish anytime soon and will continue to stomp throughout the Chicago land area and beyond. With a steadily fast growing fan base, the passion and ache to be heard,and everything starting to fall into place, DOMESTIC GODZILLA is set to destroy anything in its path…