Death Punk Metal from Mid Valley Oregon. Members of Victims of Internal Decay and Piker form together to create a hardcore band. With the heaviness of Death Metal, and the edge of Punk, DOMESTICIDE will scare your grandmother.


Domesticide formed in the spring of 2003 as a grind-core side project for members of the Oregon Based Bands, Sullen and Piker.

Drummer Pat Wombacher and Guitarist/Vocalist Terry Geil had arisen from the ashes of the now defunct sludge-grind-death-core band Victims of Internal Decay (V.O.I.D). Victims swept the NW hardcore scene by storm in the late eighties, and continued to be a staple in the Portland and Seattle scene for over ten years.

Together in the fall of 1997, Pat and Terry formed a 3-piece rock band called Sullen. After 5 1/2 years, they realized it wasn't enough. They needed extreme music back in their lives.

Pat and Terry got together with Kevin Warren who was disenchanted with his band, Piker. Now, with Kevin on bass, the foundations of Domesticide Corporation had been laid.

After a couple of months rehearsing, It was evident that this band could NOT remain a "side-project". It had evolved into a full blown band. With ever-increasingly technical guitar parts, it also became evident that Domesticide needed a second guitarist.

Enter Ryan Rook, also from Piker. With the addition of Ryan, the Domesticide line-up was finally solidified, as it remains today.

In 2004, Domesticide released their first demo, "What Would Satan Do?", which included a mind-blowing cover of Ween's 'Spinal Meningitis'. In January of 2005, Domesticide released their 8-song EP 'Corporation'.

With the death vocal styles of both Terry and Kevin, along with bad-ass guitar work and NW death metal drumming legend, Pat Wombacher, Domesticide creates it's own style of Death-Punk Metal that is already pleasing audiences everywhere they go.


Demo - What Would Satan Do? Special Edition
Demo - What Would Satan Do?
EP - Corporation

Domesticide has several online listening tools.
-3 songs here at
-1 song on
-3 songs on
-Several songs on Metal Daddy Internet Radio

Set List

Domesticide typically plays one 45-minute set.
Total songlist is about 90 minutes.


Does Not Exist
Not Like Me
Mr Trash
Highway Robbery
Check Em
Leave A Blank Spot
Religious Domination
God Facade
Domesticide Incorporation
Fake Blood and Glycerine Tears
Spreading the Word
*Raining Blood
*Homoerotic Incest
*Without Meaning
*Couch Slouch
*Save the Trees / Laugh At You

(* denotes cover song)