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dome sunset

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dome sunset is the brainchild of 2 mates from different musical backgrounds. They fuse hip hop with a plethora of styles including funk, blues, acoustic and classic rock. Mc marksman fronts the crew who are currently touring with their debut ep "joy".


Dome Sunset is, without a hint of exaggeration the kind of dynamic duo we haven’t witnessed since the likes of Batman and Robin. Made up of an emcee and a guitarist that have known each other since their high school days, Dome Sunset is the uncanny conception of two good mates trying to create something that breaks free from their respective genres of hip hop and alternative music, to do something that isn’t bound by genre, only their own limitations.

Hailing from the city of isolation some may suspect that it’s getting to the heads of some of the upcoming artists, but don’t be fooled by first impressions as both members have been consistently honing their craft over the past few years, making a name for themselves in the local scene.

Mc Marksman at 21, has already had his fair share of action earning his stripes on the Scribble Jam battle circuit, taking out the WA heats in 06 and also making waves as a spoken word artist, winning the national poetry slam heats in WA and taking the runner-up spot at the finals at the opera house in late 08. As a lyricist he says he is inspired by the everyday struggle that comes out in his story driven, socially engaging rhymes that range from politically charged commentary to issues that hit closer to home like on the track “Big Girls” that deals with female anorexia.

Chris Winterburn makes up the other 50% of the group and handles the instrumentation and arrangements. As lead guitarist of local Perth band Crysis he is no stranger to the stage and has performed along side the likes of Cog, Karnivool and The Butterfly Effect, riding the success of his 2007 released EP “The Sirens”. At only 22 he is already capable of epitomizing the definition of a one-man band, which Dome Sunset say is perfect for up and comers who only have to split the rider two ways.

With the release of their debut EP “joy” coming soon, we can expect to hear big things from Dome Sunset in the not too distant future. Be sure to keep an ear out for the noise these boys are bound to make.


make some noise

Written By: mark lloyd

We’ve become so comfortable with the lives we’re living/ most people have lost basic survival instincts/ I mean at the core of it we’re all kind of hidden/ inside these prisons that keep us shy and timid/ I’m tying to figure out why time is ticking/ and I’m watching it do so on the clock in the kitchen/ something was lost on this trip when we craved the convenience/ concrete replaced footprints for making it easier/ now we don’t leave the house and they say that we’re reaching a/ better way of life its strange the way people are/ records replaced by CD’s books by TV’s/ natural looks with plastic, cooking with cheap meat/ in fast food chains, now we’re getting so fat/ first world killing themselves by the means that most lack/ living like Jabba the Hut trapped in this rut/ except for two weeks holidays when we pack up and run

Make some noise if you’ve got a bed to sleep in/ make some noise if you got fed this evening/ make some noise if you were someone’s bundle of joy/ make some noise if you wake up with a choice

Its scary isn’t it, how every citizen/ have five sense but their barely sniffing them/ you get the twist on it, you bet your britches kid/ you intently listening, to every bit of this/ or would hearing a line be totally serendipitous/ bob your head in silence like Kevin Smith’s in it/ I want it on show like an exhibitionist/ no matter who you are you know the end is imminent

She thinks it the apocalypse he thinks its global warming/ but when the wind blows their all throwing caution/ saying we know for sure we’re in a bit of a pickle/ and news reports help for twisting your nipple/ the only reason we know global warming is certain/ is because we watch the news and see images recurring/ of a TV box we never think outside of/ I’m not saying its not true just think before you buy it

We’re sheep believing in the fence we leap/ unaware that someone’s using us to get to sleep/ and counting each one of us to size us up/ so he can dream of more power while his eyes are shut/ and we’re stuck in his vision adjusting to repetition/ but just a petty minute something’s very fishy/ we’ve taken the bait no-one intervenes to help/ they’d rather watch us fight over it in between ourselves/ disagreeing on the story line cause we’ve lost the plot/ but its in the last place we left it more often than not/ from a young age we’re told learn from our mistakes/ by the same people that keep them occurring everyday/ then their surprised when we turn our heads away/ while they pick a new witch to burn them at the stake/ lets raise the stakes so they can’t set them alight/ the sheep have got to stop leaping at the end of the night

big girls

Written By: mark lloyd

Her parents told her she looked pretty the way that she is/ and there’s a reason that God had made her so big/ so at night she’d drop to her knees and pray that the kids/ would use sticks and stones instead cause the names really sting/ and broken bones would never hurt as much/ as the weight of these words that crush her thirst for love/ makes her feel as if maybe she deserved it once/ but there’s a time to be loved and hers is up/ she smiles at the boys and their smiling back/ buts its malicious little giggles trying to hide the fact/ their high “fiving” and joking behind her back/ but she knows cause she’s developed an eye for that/ the food is a vice gets her through moonless nights/ super heroes won’t save her but she’ll super size/ can’t loose the weight but could loose her life/ far easier repeating the thoughts of suicide/ cause they tease and they joke about extra meat on her bones/ she looks at them like I know just leave me alone/ the funny thing is that if you speak on the phone/ you’d fall in love with her sweetness of tone/ and for reasons unknown be drawn to her charisma/ treat every word as important as a whisper/ her hearts so big its supported by a figure/ made to carry a heart that’s abnormally bigger

She’s dealing with the hell inside of herself/ goes it alone but she’s crying for help/ was on top of the world so the height that she fell/ has hit her hard she’s not flying too well

Socially aware because she’s no fool/ but what she doesn’t know is how they could be so cruel/ she decides it’s either a change or I’m leaving for good/ but her eating won’t change so she makes eating caput/ in a society where image matters the most/ little girls have got their fingers down the backs of their throats/ she gets skinny and sick but people compliment the weight loss/ just wants to fit in now the consequences take off/ sick days have risen, school thinks she’s probably lying/ rib cage looks like a prison her hearts locked inside it/ misplaced praise given she’s gotten to like it/ her parents have given up trying to stop the diet/ got a new boyfriend with her new found courage/ too obsessed with himself to notice she’s malnourished/ hangs out with the cool kids joins in on the bad jokes/ has even started calling other big kids fatso/ and she’s loving the attention that comes with the obsession/ of throwing up meals before her stomach can digest them/ the more emaciated the closer to perfection/ her biggest critic now is her own reflection/ the girl’s sisters a little thicker but the kid is a winner/ got a smile that makes you smile when you see it in a picture/ never cared about body image so she can’t put her finger/ on why she’s lost her smile and all the kid’s diss her

Drop the magazine, don’t watch the movie scenes/ or idolize these so called beauty queens/ trust me little girl what’s in you supercedes/ their expectations of what you should be/ between you and me I believe there’s more to this/ than the awful things we do to pursue what gorgeous is/ I won’t patronize you with comments on inner beauty/ cause in this cruel world it doesn’t sit so smoothly/ but what’s outside judgment, tears and failed dreams/ and hating yourself for the numbers the scale reads/ is a love not based on what you can do to impress it/ that won’t question whether you deserve its acceptance/ you were made perfect its seen in your eyes/ someone’s counting the tears that cry you to sleep in the night/ I’ll put that on my life I believe whole heartedly/ you don’t have to suffer for what others find hard to see

indonesian princess

Written By: mark lloyd

She left a broken home with broken English/ and a social system that’s mostly chauvinistic/ father was misguided, didn’t know the difference/ her parents torn between their chosen scriptures/ brought upon an unbreakable bond with her brothers and sisters/ mummy crying cause daddy’s shacked up with another mistress/ Indonesian princess, who’s leaving behind/ a past that from the start hasn’t treated her right/ she had an uncle supposed to be by her side/ push the limits of what that really means/ so Jakarta is left in hopes of starting a fresh/ life in a southern land but here the harder it gets/ can’t yet speak of racism in the past tense/ equalities a fairly tale and so far fetched/ so she comes to find this racism still prevalent/ especially for those with an Asian heritage

Its life, seen through different eyes/ on the opposite side of the fence/ where the days a little longer and the nights a little colder/ and the situation doesn’t make sense.

She thought she’d find it here but it seems that the good life/ is relative to the way you speak and what you look like/ and most don’t look twice but those that do/ don’t give her the respect that is certainly overdue/ she spent high school facing the ground/ kids treat her like an alien for the way that she sounds/ so she stays in the house like this land is private property/ for the white majority crying find a spot me/ and in a sea of faces she’s swimming alone/ as the minority who feels she has to stick with her own/ open a store and hope the business will grow/ cause its hard to join a company with a different skin tone/ flooded by the western world and facing the deluge/ where its hard to see more than one culture that’s valued/ and to loose her own was not her intention/ but its hard living in a place that wants you to blend in

Throw your hand up question the upper handed/ like excuse me what’s up with these double standards

Princess don’t despair there’s more to this/ I wish that we could have met before we did/ its unfortunate that we’re not talkative/ cause we were born in different coordinates/ that’s all it is but their still fighting these wars/ unaware we’re seen the same in the eyes of the lord/ just keep trying to walk with the thought that your God’s child/ and that fire burning inside you is compiled/ of every desire ever put on your heart/ you kept close when the world tried to pull it apart/ don’t look to the past or fear for the future/ live in the moment like its there for you to use it/ we’re all connected in a similar way/ our life lines wither away like a video game/ we can play on a different stage but one thing is the same/ we’ve all been made a part of this particular game


"joy" EP, 2009

Set List

make some noise
when i lay my head to rest
indonesian princess
outta my league
major tom
big girls
paper money

40 minute sets are typical.
we play all the tracks of "joy" plus a few newbies that are for the LP out next year