Dominic Feedam

Dominic Feedam


I'm a Singer/Songwriter influenced by Paul Simon, Tom Waits, Manu Chao and Beck. I work with a loop station to layer percussion, guitar, bass and backing vocals. I performe all songs live with no pre-recorded tracks. It's interesting, it sounds cool and it's alot of fun.


I've been a musician for 30 years. Most of that time I've been a drummer/percussionist. In recent years, with the developement of loop technology I've become interested in being a solo performer. My influences range from the Beatles to Parlament to Jaco Pastorious to Stevie Wonder toFrank Zappa to Fishbone and I could go on and on forever, but this project is largely influenced by Paul Simon, Tom Waits and Manu Chao.


I'm working on my first LP as a solo artist. I've released one album as a singer with the Puerto Rican funk rock band Malas Manas, and two albums with the Brazillian funk rock band Delta Nove.

Set List

I do a fiew Paul Simon tunes, a fiew Beatles tunes, a couple of Stevie wonder tunes, some Bob Marley, some Norah Jones, some Sublime, and some Lovin' Spoonful among other covers. I've got about 10 songs of original material currently in the set. I can cover about 3 hours however you want to break it up.