Dominic Gillette

Dominic Gillette

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Ambitious. My music is always pushing me forward and helping me find out who I am. I set goals for myself and try to accomplish each of those goals and it translates through my music how bad I want to succeed, and how failure is not an option.


My name is Dominic Gillette. I chose to use my full name for my "artist" name because that's who I am. I make music as it pertains to me in that specific time in my life. My music is not your traditional Hip Hop, I love to use weird effects and even slow it down a bit to actually add to the emotion I want to convey in each song.
I grew up in Los Angeles, CA. My mom had 6 kids and she struggled so hard. It wasn't until my 6th grade year in middle school when we moved to Knoxville that I started writing poems. Poems to let my mind escape. In 7th grade I started acting and proceeded to do that until college... It is the most fun ever. When I graduated high school I got really involved with music. I started learning how to make my own beats, write my own lyrics, and record myself. I made CD after CD in my bed room and released music contantly. I'm still doing that today...

I love music, it is truely my escape from the world. What sets me apart from the other bands is that I know that NOTHING sets me apart from them. We are all the same. The reason I say that is because each and every single one of the performers on stage LOVES doing what he/she does which is making music, and I can't lie and say i'm any different. The only TRUE difference between band's is their genres.. But I stick with my statement. We are all the same.. We are all brothers and sisters, trying to take the average kid listening to us, to a world where they too can escape and not be alone in their adventure.


Nobody Can Try And Stop Us - 2012



Here I Go - radio airplay
Mr. Blue - radio airplay
System - radio airplay
Make It All Happen - radio airplay