Dominic Sinesio

Dominic Sinesio

 New York City, New York, USA

“The Sea & The Sky” is a bracing song cycle full of delicious arrangements and moving lyricism. An eclectic pop hybrid of rock, soul, jazz, and folk all fused together by contemporary acoustic guitar song craft. By turns grooving, haunting, delicate, and rocking.


Dominic Sinesio has a career-and-a-half. He’s been officially and diligently working on the ‘half’ part since December 8th, 2008 when he was hit by a NYC Bus. (Emblazoned with an ad for that Elvis Costello show on Sundance btw...not to mention it being the anniversary of John Lennon's assassination) Anyway, being the sort of chap that can take a hint, he picked the guitar back up and started writing and performing after a long hiatus from music.....because clearly, life ain’t long.....That’s the very loud and clear message that led to the recording of his independent, debut album, “The Sea & The Sky.”

He was born in Oklahoma City, OK but grew up in Jersey City (go-figure) where he learned the guitar by obsessively playing to heavy metal records...and cassettes...riff-by-riff, alone, in his room until he lost his virginity. In college, at Parson’s School of Design, he was a product and furniture design major but did his work study program in the Jazz Department equipment room where he handed out all manner of jazzy noise makers. Dominic started freelancing in NYC design and ad agencies at an early age and eventually cofounded his own called OFFICELAB, providing design, art direction, copywriting, etc. for brands big and small. Currently his agency is featured in AmEx OPEN’s Project:ReBrand at ( where he can be observed, on video, in a slightly-too-loud shirt, exercising his other talents in the service of career A.

The eleven tracks on "The Sea & The Sky," which span a decade of song writing, were recorded for the first time between 2008 and 2010 with producer, Allen Towbin of Blue Maze , a NY recording and production shop. Originally just a five-song EP, the project grew into a vivid tapestry in the tradition of album-oriented pop-rock as Sinesio’s writing began to outpace the recording. The result is a sound that draws on rock, jazz, folk and soul — an amalgam of Steely Dan, Shuggie Otis, Joni Mitchell, and Stevie Wonder with inflections of Sting—all propelled by Sinesio’s skillful and expressive acoustic guitar playing a la Dave Matthews and John Mayer.

The story of “The Sea & The Sky” is that of a man’s journey to a
better place, elegantly told with infectious grooves, moving ballads, and rocking anthems — a contemporary musical composite informed by a curious constellation of Prince’s slinky soul-funk, the modal atmospheres of Pink Floyd, and the punch-in-the-gut drive of Led Zeppelin. While greatly influenced by a broad range of pop music’s most evocative storytellers — from Paul Simon to Elvis Costello, Bjork to Burt Bacharach—Sinesio brings a fresh undercurrent to his brand of music track-by-track with a collage of encounters, conversations, and reflections.

The live ensemble features performers from the album,
including half of the NY nu-jazz sextet, Evil Giraffes on Mars:
Ryan Slotnick (keys) , Doron Lev (drums), and Jamaal Sawyer (tenor sax ). Fellow singer-songwriters Mary Jennings and Denitia Odigie lend their talents on back-up vocals while Allen Towbin (guitar), Joe McDonough (trombone) and special guest Hagar Ben-Ari (bass) round out the group.


The Sea & The Sky

Written By: Dominic Sinesio

Way out in the middle of the sea
I caught a little sight of me
Out there floating in the sea
I saw a savior not see me

Out there, out there in the sea
A little voice inside of me
Said “Out here floating in the sea
Is no place for you to be.”

So I tread that water with all I could
Tried to do all the things I thought Jesus would
Tried to gird my will but understood
It’s breaking down

Way up in the middle of the sky
A falling star caught my eye
Up there in the blackness of the sky
I felt that falling star was mine

Up there, up there in the sky
Between the billion points of light
That shine to fill the darkness of the sky
My only star died in the night

And I failed to tell her just what it means
When I fail to give her what she needs
And it’s too late to take back all she’s seen
And she’s falling down

© 2010 Dominic Sinesio

A Lot To Learn

Written By: Dominic Sinesio

I make plans that rarely come to be
I blame the situation fully on TV
Still I’m a sucker for a tabloid tragedy

I’m comfy with delusion in front of crowds
I got room for solutions, cheap and profound
Like the back left burner with the broke knob-turner
Makes a funny sound on a cold old stove

A lot of hot air
Keeps you from touching down
And so
I got a lot to learn
But I’m coming ‘round

The suit fit just right in the elbows and knees
I wear a heart-shaped ink stain on my sleeve
But these blue suede shoes are killing my feet

I took a dull red axe to the middle ground
Split the seat I’m guessing by the sound
It took a haystack needle from the lost and found
and $35.10 to mend these clothes

But that’s the price you pay
For a hand-me-down
And so
I got a lot to learn
But I’m coming ‘round

Some like to share their emotions, but not me
I drive a rock-hard bargain when it comes to these
But I’m starting to doubt that strategy

I’d love to say I know what it’s all about
I hate to say at this rate I’m lonely bound
I took a short cut route in a well cut suit
But got stuck in a rut in the road I chose

It’s a rock-hard bargain
But it keeps breaking down
And so
I got a lot to learn
But I’m coming ‘round

I’ve got a lot to learn

I’ve got a lot to learn
but for right now
I’ll just be me
Somehow I’ll come around

©2010 Dominic Sinesio

How It Goes

Written By: Dominic Sinesio

It was a Tuesday, maybe Wednesday
It was a weekday when they always said "Hey"
And it was slow and all

They made small talk on the boardwalk
“There’s a tune and, maybe it’s a new band
I heard it all summer long”

And she like, “La la la la...
I’m trying to remember how it goes.
La la la la...But i only hear it
When I’m alone.”

It rang a bell but he couldn’t tell what
Was familiar, a little too familiar
Her tune was like his own

“I like the sitar”
“You mean the horn part?”
“I don’t think so, but maybe in the intro..”
“Can you hum a few from the top?...”

And he like, “La la la la...
I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes.
La la la la...but i only hear it
When i’m alone...
So how do you know how it goes?”

It was a long day selling candy by the sea shore, She wish she got to see more
Of the waves the rocks and the crashing sound

He took a walk by, She took a deep sigh
And with a glance they decide to take a chance
She hummed her tune and he sang along

They like, La la la la...
I guess it don’t matter how it goes
La la la la...I hope we hear it
When we’re alone

©2010 Dominic Sinesio

Maybe I'll Fall

Written By: Dominic Sinesio

What are you made of?
Time to get yourself together, man
Whatcha’ fraid of?
Is it so hard being a better man?

Seems I never do
Enough to see it through
But when I do

How do you keep love
When gettin’ there’s no guarantee
That you can be loved
So the kind you get
You know is the kind you need

It takes about all I got
To get what I have not
And that’s a lot

Maybe I’ll fall in love
And rise above
All of what
I know is just
A fear I’m too near
To the edge and
I might fall

If I could take love
Keep it safe here by my side
And never ever ever break love
Would it make up
For all the times I tried?

I’ll do all a I can
To simply understand
At least that’s the plan


Maybe I’ll fall
And suddenly
Maybe I’ll see
I have been a fool

Maybe I’ll fall
And on the way
Maybe I’ll say
I wanna’ be good to you


©2010 Dominic Sinesio


"The Sea & The Sky" 2011 LP