Dominik Omega

Dominik Omega

 Housatonic, Massachusetts, USA
BandHip HopR&B

A freestyle lyricist at heart, Omega uses realism and immediacy to convey his message. While reminiscent of hip-hop's Golden Era, his fresh sound brings new life to the dated style. Blending honest lyrics with an energetic and contagious stage presence, Omega delivers an unforgettable performance.


Originally from St. Louis, MO, Omega relocated with his family to the Northeast in 1985. The transition to the rural, isolated Berkshires left much to be desired for the active and creative Omega. By 14, after getting kicked out of his house, he started his battle with the Foster Care system.

Finding comfort in the booming sounds of early '90s hip-hop, Omega found his voice in the art of freestyle rhyme. Battling for the thrill of attaining lyrical mastery, Omega quickly rose to the top of the game.

Searching for new emcees to battle, Omega moved back home to Western Massachusetts. Here he continued his rap career, joining forces with emcee Rev. Trxx, with whom Omega formed his first crew, Knoble Gasses. Feeling a need for change and challenge, Omega left the East coast for a stint in Long Beach, California. While attending school for animation, Omega stayed on his grind and was quickly embraced into the Long Beach hip-hop community. However he quickly returned to the Berkshires after only a year to reunite with his fellow Knoble soldiers.

At 23, Omega became a father. He took a hiatus from his rap career to focus on his new responsibilities, but soon found that his need to work in the studio and perform on stage were so strong that his life felt unbalanced. After two years, Omega has returned with a renewed sense of belonging and a determined intensity. He has picked up where he left off with his usual blend of strength, wit and perception.


This Moment In Time (LP, Coming Summer 2011)

The High Life - "We Came To Rock" (Single, Released 11/02/10)

Featured on Carolina Black - "The Stars Are Out Tonight" (Single, Released 10/26/10)

The Missing Piece EP (Released 5/10/10)

Radio and Airplay:
"Fiyah Spittahs" feat. viceversah in rotation on 88.9 WERS.

Set List

Dominik Omega can accommodate set lengths up to 40 minutes long. Set varies depending on length.