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Let Me

Written By: DominiQ

LET ME feat.Peter Moncrieffe

Verse 1

You’ve been looking for love in the entire wrong place
Cry yourself to bed, it’s been many days
Since he walked out on you, you seem you lost your joy
Put on some joy and happiness
What you going though now is just a test
Even though you feel so weak, but you’re not a mess
Let me tell you something


Come on get up on your feet
Let me take you down to Love Street
I know a special man } 2x


Let me take you to (somebody) 3x who
Who will do you like (nobody) 3x ] 2x

Verse 2

Alone in your room you’ve been sobbing
Deep in y our sleep you’ve been talking
Stress’ all over you and you feel like y you’re about to break
Even now as I sing to you
In your mind you say I don’t have a clue
But I was there once before so believe in me and let me take you there


I know you got a heavy load on you
But stop, he will give you rest
He will take you from the bottom all the way
To the top cast all your cares} 2x

Chorus (harmony)


Bounce with me
Ride with me} 4x

Let me take you to a place you need to be

Written by DominiQ for Praise Tone Records
Produced & arranged by Sam Williams & DominiQ for Praise Tone Records
© Copyright 2007 Praise Tone Records. All rights reserved
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