Dom La Nena

Dom La Nena

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

Brazilian born cellist and vocalist Dom La Nena who released her debut album, Ela (Six Degrees Records), in January 2013 and her new album "Birds on a Wire" with Rosemary Standley in may 2014.


Remarkable things often begin at an early age, and so it was with Brazilian-born cellist and vocalist Dom La Nena, Six Degrees Records latest signing.

Born in the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre in 1989, Dom started her musical exploration with the piano around age five. From there she became infatuated with the cello and realized very soon that she wanted to devote her life to the instrument.

Doms debut album, Ela, is a stunningly subtle and beautifully understated journey through, in her words, childhood and nostalgia. The thirteen songs feature her delicate voice and multi-tracked cello, supported by minimalist arrangements by Piers Faccini and Dom that feature interweaving layers of piano, guitars, harmonium, kora, xylophones, and vocals. For Dom, meeting Faccini was the catalyst for the creation of the Ela album.

Dom has performed as a cellist and toured with performers including the legendary French actress Jeanne Moreau and English actress and singer Jane Birkin. After returning in 2009 from an international tour performing with Birkin, Dom felt unsure as to how she should proceed on her musical path.

France has been good for the woman born Dominique Pinto. The family first moved there when Dom was eight while her father pursued a doctorate, returning to Brazil five years later. By that time Dom was steadily building her first steps towards a career in music, bolstered by two supportive parents. She wrote to Christine Walevska, an American cellist living in Buenos Aires, whose music she adored.
Soon after, although she was only thirteen years old, under the guidance of her new muse and with the consent of her parents, she moved to Argentina, where she continued her studies with Walevska and other teachers, before returning to Paris at the age of eighteen to further her musical career. Dom picked up the name La Nena during her time in Argentina. In South American Spanish, nena means girl and sometimes baby or child. Its a word that is often used as a term of endearment for a girl.

For years, either at her parents home or at her grandparents in Uruguay or during her adolescence in Buenos Aires, this is what she was called. Her song Buenos Aires, a duet with Brazilian singer Thiago Pethit, pays homage to her time in this city. It begins with a gorgeous piano that drives the melody before other instruments and voices in the characteristic fashion of the album add to the ensemble.

Like many of the songs on Ela, nostalgia reigns supreme. Voc also reminisces. Featuring French singer Camille on backing-vocals, the upbeat track is about playing pat-a-cakes as a youth. On the title song, Ela, Doms plucked cello creates a building tension.

Band Members : Dom La Nena (solo) 

Instrumentation : Cello / Organ / Guitar / Percussion


Dom La Nena - Ela (2013 - Six Degrees) Distribution Wrasse Records / Universal

Dom La Nena & Rosemary Standley - Birds On A Wire (2014 - Zamora Productions)