Montebello, California, USA

Dissonant bedroom electronic pop with an underlying sense of hope and calamity.


Dommm, aka Dominic Tiberio, hails from Los Angeles, and pushing through the cracks of those sun bleached sidewalks comes his debut on the exciting upstart label Young Cubs. By deftly mixing the electronic chaos of the TIgerbeat6 roster, with the ambient buzzes of Fennesz, and spinning it together with pop synth stabs, he creates a warm humanity that takes you from heartbreak one minute to the dance floor the next. Yoloxochitl is an ingredient in tea that helps soothe heartache-- underneath the electronic chaos of this record lies a sense of loss but ultimately twisting into a livable, but imperfect compromise. Like a more programmed Xiu Xiu, Dommm is like a hazy LA sunset--flawed and beautiful.


2007 - Dommm "Yoloxochitl" Young Cubs (Full Length)
College Radio campaign through Terrorbird Media - June 12 - July 24th. Debuted on CMJ 200 at #152

Set List

1. hidden sun
2. sloth
3. candy apple head
4. with a statue
5. cloud
6. stab
7. dad
8. holy hyena

8-10 songs/30-40 minute set.
No covers.