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Dom P

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


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The Beginning (Mixtape)
The Perfect Tragedy (Mixtape)
I Make Music (Mixtape)
The Haze. Sonnet to Washington Heights (Mixtape)



Dom P is a New York City born and bred unsigned Hip Hop lyricist whose blood has been running music since he was born. He has worked on 3 mixtapes and is already catching a buzz not only in New York but across state lines in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Virginia. I Make Music, his latest effort, has been gaining listeners all over the internet at a growing steady pace and will undoubtedly become a well known mixtape once signed. Dom P writes, produces and arranges his own music in his own home made studio. Dom P, with his Music For Daze crew, is working hard on changing the state of Hip Hop and other forms of music and art for the better.

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-Magazine Article-

Sunday morning has arrived, it is 9:54 am, and Dom P has music on his mind. He, almost with a hint of excitement, states, "Everyday man...its every single day that I wake up thinking about a line, a lyric, a melody, a song...anything music-related. [Laughs] Its like music was a virus that I caught the minute I heard it, and its been invading ever since". It seems as though he has decided to make his virus contagious, since his catalogue is growing at a Lil Wayne-esque pace, over-drawn with conflicting ideals, witty metaphors, unyielding flow, and realistic passion and bravado, and showing no indication of slowing down soon. He realizes that his stakes are high, and he's dealing with a now-or-never business, that seems to have the doors jilted at each turn...but he's trying all his keys anyway. Patricio Gabriel Castillo, 21, was born to two Dominican parents, who emigrated to New York City in the early eighties during the height of Dominican immigration, whom he credits his entire being to. "My parents were really like my guideline on how to be who I am now. You know? Like seeing my mother's attitude, I created my own, and fascinated by my father's talent...I discovered my own". That talent which he refers to, is that of Reynaldo Castillo, acclaimed percussionist for one of the most popular bands in Latin music, "Milly y La Orchesta". He admirably reflects, "I used to stare at my dad practice his drum routine on these rubber pads that he it use to shock the shit out of me to see such fast, rhythmic movement come out of my dad. That shit can make any little kid proud". Tagging alongside his father for various concerts and events throughout his childhood, Dom saw everything the music world had to offer, good and bad, and begged for participation. "Man I could only fucking imagine what that's like!" he says coming out of his nonchalant demeanor, "Having someone come up to you, as they would to my dad, being incredibly honored to shake your hand, simply because you're talented. That legendary status is so amazing, simply because it puts you in a realm where you're almost perfect at something. And to be called perfect for doing something you love: its unreal!" With a hand full of raw almonds ("They're really good for your skin...and they taste damn good" he says) we enter the BMI building, where he is going to finally register himself for publishing purposes and for a meeting with one of the top executives of the company. Although this seems like an opportunity of a lifetime that would render any person nervous, Dom is calmly looking around and chatting of the pitfalls of post-graduate life with the receptionist. "This is a nice fucking waiting can tell a lot about something by how you wait for this is probably gonna' be good". After the meeting [held behind closed doors], he comes out of the room with a stifled smile that indicates it went better than he expected. As we get into a cab, he tells me, "you know God makes no mistakes and never says anything slick to a can of whatever happens and however it happens...that's the way it has to go! That being said...I have the patience of a saint for this, because I know it will come." As soon as he gave the cab driver the address, he lets me know we are en route to his recording studio, which he has set up in his home. "My man Ace King showed me how to set up my own shit, so instead of paying $60/ hr for a 'professional' studio, I pay $700 and make my own for life." He explains how he has learned that one way or another, one has to find the path to reach one's goals, and his anecdote of creating his own home studio was just one of the many adventures he's had to traverse in his life. Speaking in the most entrepenuarial spirit, he constantly refers to one's success as one's own doing and not a mere product of chance and waiting. "I had to make it man. I had to make wack songs, with wack sound quality... that's what taught me to make great songs, with perfect sound quality." As soon as the work station is powered up, its a completely different Dom P. Its like he dawns a disguise that gets shred to pieces the minute sounds begin projecting from his lavish studio speakers. His mood seems far more mellowed, yet his tone is far more energetic. He slumps in h