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Columbia, South Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Columbia, South Carolina, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"The Valedictorian"

“The Valedictorian”: ‪#‎DonB‬ presents his debut E.P. album the “‪#‎TheValedictorian‬” . Only weeks after graduating from college!!!!
“This is one of those projects that will last through the years in my opinion because of its content, and it is a great listen from front to back”. – Majeed Sayibu; NightShift Media
Sacramento, CA –January 1, 2016– Stimulate your mind! Don B presents his first E.P. album. The E.P. is titled “The Valedictorian” and has no features. This project has a feel of greatness and shows lyrical content also Don B shows the ability to paint a vivid picture through his words. His flow and choice of words showcases that he is educated which he rhymes about throughout the project. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree on December 12th, 2015 he has now dedicated to his music and becoming an entrepreneur. Don B’s scholar mentality and strong belief in being educated to get ahead inspires the storyline, and later 2016 his album “Summa Cum Laude” will be releasing. “I put a lot of time and effort into this project I wanted to give the people a piece of me, and also be encouraging, so I put my soul into the words,” said Don B. The Valedictorian project will release in 2016 through all digital distribution avenues online. ###
January 1st, 2016 (Yuba City, California)
Nightshift Media, Official Press Release - NightShift Media

"Don B is Blowing up thanks to his latest track "The One ( Can't Stay Broke)"

Off the Upcoming “The Valedictorian” album “The One (Cant Stay Broke)” By Don B. Facebook:@RealDonB Instagram & Twitter: @TheReal_DonB - Vinyl Fresh

""Lazy Niggas" is the hardest song you will hear today."

California’s own Don B has been putting in the groundwork to become known on a worldwide scale. His latest track “Lazy Niggas” might be his best track yet. You can hear the passion and hunger through the lyrics over this dark vibe production. If you like what you hear check him out on twitter and facebook. - Fresh Hype Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



In the rural town of Hopkins, SC, you'll find more bootleggers than liquor stores, more dope boys than executives, and more cemeteries than schools. But, it is the place that Don B., rising artist and entrepreneur, affectionately calls home. And, home is where his story begins and his music resonates.  Born to a single mother on the first day of November, Don struggled with both academics and behavior. Throughout his academic career Don tip-toed the school to pirson pipeline. He was on the edge of becoming a statistic, standing in a courtroom, facing 40 years in prison at the age of sixteen. And, a judge could have pushed him off that edge, but instead of giving him the maximum number of years in a state pen the judge dismissed the case and Don changed the narrative to his story. Hip-Hop became the driving force for that change.
Despite artists, such as Kanye, who deny that college is not the path to success, Don B. felt differently. His message would be one that promoted the advantages of a college degree.
Spending sleepless nights in studios he could afford he perfected his craft while also completing his high school diploma. After years of hearing he could never finish high school, by both peers and teachers alike, he received his diploma with "LOWER RICHLAND HIGH SCHOOL" stamped in gold as he walked across a Columbia arena stage. After earning his diploma Don took some time to focus on the music--to create a sound that would be his trademark. It became a sound riddled with vulgar inspiration and hardcore themes of his path from destitution to greatness. That is when he realized that the lyricist had to become the preacher and he had to practice what he preached on his tracks.
Don enrolled at Benedict College, a historically black college, majoring in business and marketing. He understood his key to success in Hip-Hop would not only be a creative one, but an entrepreneurial one as well. As a student, he produced more tracks and managed other burgeoning artists in the Columbia area. He also, along with his business partner, created and developed "Sneaker Swap Meets," an organization that has a love for everything Hip-Hop. Don B. graduated with his baccalaureate degree in December 2015 and credits it to be his greatest achievement to date.
And, although graduating college doesn't seem extraordinary, for a young man who was supposed to be in prison when he walked across the stage, it is remarkable!
"The Valedictorian," a self-titled EP set to release late summer 2016, is his Hip-Hop thesis that proves he is at the top of his class. On "Save the World" the artist faces his mortality and enables his listeners to do the same to affect change in our society. 
"See I survived in a city where there's plenty niggas dying. His momma got the call and started crying, she doesn't know what to do with the news...she keeps blaming herself and begging to clean his room...he should've stayed in school for the tools." - Save the World
His lyrics often paint a picture of hope in the midst of hopelessness, change where racism and discrimination rears its ugly head, and love where hate seems to reside.
"I think I found love, it feels so good, I'm so astounded!" - "Found Love"
"Lazy Niggaz," a get up, get out and get something track as well as "The One," are both stark wake up calls for the youth to embrace the grind of life to attain financial wealth and stability. And, as he continues to be the lyricist who practices what he preaches, he himself has moved to California to pursue his dreams of entertainment success. He has performed under the spotlights of numerous shows including the FX Cancer Concert, the SOL Collective Indie Music Showcase, both in Sacramento, as well as the How High Festival in Colorado Springs, CO. 
Although his life's story isn't complete, the walking cinema that is Don B. will not only be seen in the lyrics of his up and coming EP, "The Valedictorian," but will also be seen in the sequel set to release next year entitled, "Magnum Cum Laude."

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