don billiez

don billiez

 Peypin-d'Aigues, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, FRA

He calls himeself « Catalan african white » 
but it’s not enough to define the music of Don Billiez. 
It goes from Africa to south America with a constant focus on soul, funk and its own latino-mediterranean roots 
His last record « Chapter Free -2013 » offers an initiatic journey showing worldwide influences.


Born in 1958 his real name Michel beads Spanish mother is between the cosmopolitan life instead of Puig de Perpignan, Street Stendhal and feet in " Ortes " (garden) paternal family Catalan Pzilla -la- River it grows to the sound of coblas , sardanes and combos Latin ... From the age of 13 to 18 years he attended the Conservatory, he worked as a student of Henri Tubert , Claude Clauzel , the composer Max sardannes Havard and Jimmy Mc Ferrand conservatory of Perpignan. His meeting with Nino Ferrer , who enlisted in the band just nineteen years will be the start of a career sideman of the French and international scene begins with a first recording on the album " Carmencita " and music Film " Litan " Jean Pierre Mocky .. then it is a pure rock'nroll course is offered to him with a recording in the band Scott'Finn Micky finn in Hrouville castle In the early 80s he met at club La Rochelle St Fathers not yet famous African group Toure Kunda who just recorded Ema future planetary tube .... Hired ! ...5 years tour will make him discover Africa, the States , Japan , Europe , Canada ... He participated in albums " Paris - Ziguinshor ", " Amadu Tilo " and " Natalia " until 86 ... A year off between Morocco , Algeria and southern France the ammnne to meet Olivier Guindon who introduced him to Alain Bashung . Work it 2 years at his side will participate in the Novice album recorded lap between France and the Spectrum "( Montreal ) . During this period he met the French bluesman Paul Personne which will be " sideman " for 10 years (scenes and albums including " the road to opportunity," "Dream of a sidereal naive Ideal ", " electric Patchwork ", " Route 98 ' " ...Alongside his career as a sideman he is a composer for theater and wrote the music for "The Woman on the bed " of Brusati and " The Sage wife" Goldoni in Persona Co. (Theatre of the hill , Theatre of the and Sylvia Montfort Square Odeon in Paris. )It also occurs with groups in many club Paris and around France playing his compositions and experimenting ... iI part between 1990 and 2000 to record twenty albums so beautiful encounters with Jean Pierre Kalfon , Pierre Barouh ; Alain Leprest ... and soundtracks including " Eugenio " in Matotti , animation film he is composer of the soundtrack and receive many awards the year of its release .In 1999 his first album that seems Solo " Alma del Mundo " and he rides his band of the same name with whom he performed in many concerts and festivals in the Mediterranean basin for about 3 years ... It is at this time one of the pillars of hard Mojito Havana club in Paris where he will meet the pianist Yves Prvel with which multiply creation projects

From 2006 Don Billiez says his " Mediteranean Latin Jazz " style by creating " Natural Elements " , libertarian speech about his recent compositions group. He then forged a solid reputation for charismatic driver leaving not go to the concessions. His compositions , sublime melodies with Latin lyricism tinged with jazz and world music.He then decided to go with his friend the engineer Ali Laoumen in a mega-production around recent compositions inviting all the best musical events to recording an album . A thirty musicians and three years to allow born Con Alma; album then benefit selection " help create " the sacem in the jazz / world class and using diffusion 2008 "francophonie diffusion " in abroad. Distributed by Dg / Spiral : Believe- No publicized in France can regularly hear this album , especially the title funcklatino " Kalimucho " on the radio the ilinois (USA) , and must Mditerrano as Greece, Uruguay , Mexico, Andore ...2012 Recording of the album produced by LGM TV Chapter Free which he entrusted the musical direction and carrying his son Arthur Balls -)2013 Release Album Free Chapter digipack version , Believe Digital distribution concerts with Groovin ' Mediterranya - Shooting of live film by Jean Pierre Zirn / La seine TV: Don Billiez : White African Catalan ! ARTE broadcast , Mezzo ( concerts and interviews) During the 5th edition of the festival in REGUSSE other recordings and concerts in the south of France .participates in the album Abblaye Cissouko ( Kora )2014 - January Creating electric band : Additive Pulse with the complicity of her son the drummer and bassist Arthur ball Freddy Simbolotti ; hammond Organ / Wurlitzer Franck Lamiot , Piano and synthesize Julien teissier , Trumpet / Trombone : Philippe Anicaux Consists in the first quarter a new series of titles inspired by St Exupery 's Little Prince for a recording studio in the course of the year and live with the creation Additive pulse band for January 2015

Output chapter free vinyl remastered version , participates in the compilation Blues up Pierre Sibyl , with the title Soul / Jazz:  evething is gone be alright


Alma del Mundo 2002
Con Alma 2008
Chapter Free 2013