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Don Huevo

Wantagh, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Wantagh, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Psychedelic




"Don Huevo- Outside in the Hallway Review"

Don Huevo is a three piece Hard Rock Jam band hailing from Long Island, NY. These three guys have been making a name for themselves playing shows all throughout the island and consistently being a presence in the scene. On August 27th, Don Huevo released their debut full studio album, “Outside in the Hallway“. This ten track album showcases their wide range of sounds and musical talents that will win over fans for years to come!

Don Huevo is comprised of Dan Henig (guitar/vocals), Dave Henig (bass/vocals), and Dan Mure (drums). I had the chance to speak with Dan to hear what the band had to say about the new album. ” ‘Outside in the Hallway’ is compromised of older songs and new. We wanted to construct an album that not only showcased our musical range as a band, but also one that takes you on a musical journey. Featuring songs like Mountain Breeze, Floating Amongst the Airwaves and Dugan’s on the Way, we believe these ten songs that we’ve selected from our catalogue give the best possible introduction to the band and hope they provide the listener with a rich and immersive experience that can be enjoyed over and over again.”

“Outside in the Hallway” starts off with “Mountain Breeze“, an upbeat track that will keep you dancing the entire time. This was a great choice of an opening track on an album meant to introduce the band to new listeners. It perfectly incorporates the jam band side of Don Huevo while allowing the band to sprinkle in heavier instrumentals that are sure to make an appearance on the album. What really caught my attention was the final three minute jam session with the band. If I’m being honest, I’m usually not a fan of jam sessions on studio recorded tracks, but this one had me dancing around my apartment! Well done boys!

Don Huevo continues on with “Floating Amongst the Airwaves“. I instantly fell in love with this song the second I heard the sound of the bass leading the track. The instrumentals immediately take hold of your body and you can’t resist rocking along to the track. The sound is infectious. The lyrical content perfectly matches the vibe that the instrumentals give off. “I’m floating amongst the airwaves, watch as we fly. We could go to a sacred place, just you and I. Cause what you hear is so beautiful it might make you cry. Then we’ll go and we’ll save the world, just you and I.” As in the first song, the end of the song has an extended instrumental section that is amazing. Two songs in and I’m 100% sold on Don Huevo!

The album quickly picks up the pace with the next track, “Wasted“. This song shows off Don Huevo’s harder rock and punk side. This is the song where you’ll see the arms and legs start flailing and pits start to open up. It has the perfect increase of tempo that’s just enough to allow those wild rockers to let loose in the crowd! “March of the Marshmallows” follows up next and it is definitely a contender for favorite song on the album for me! That heavy introduction had me nodding my head and bouncing along instantly. This song has a sick mix of old school heavy rock sounds with current breakdown-esque guitar riffs and drums that make you want to go wild. These two songs back to back at a show will have the crowd in a frenzy!

The album title track is next up and is a pleasant change of pace from the previous two tracks. The guitar chords and drumming in the beginning of the track give off a big Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe that the listeners will love. The track smoothly transitions into a sound that is almost reminiscent of an Incubus track, and then leads right into a heavy jam session. It is truly amazing how many vastly different influences you can hear throughout this listening journey!

We’re halfway through the album now and Don Huevo is showing no signs of slowing down! “Cave” is a slower track that allows the listener to settle back in after rocking out for three straight songs. I love the placement of this track because the song allows each band member to highlight their respective skills for the listener and appreciate the true musicianship of these three. Don Huevo gets right back to action with “Walking the Rue“. This song is another contender for my favorite from the album. Plain and simple, it’s a god damn fun song. I’m a sucker for the upbeat tempo, kick-ass drumming, sick bass and guitar riffs. Any time I listen to the album I find myself listening to this song multiple times in a row. It gets me moving!

“Euphoria“, the eighth track on this amazing debut full length album, is in my opinion, homage to the band’s many, many influences. Throughout this almost six minute JAM, Don Huevo takes you through a wave of different sounds, styles and emotions. It’s rare that you see a recorded track where the vocals don’t come in until the final minute of a song. I am all for mixing it up and challenging the norm of what’s being put out nowadays!

Don Huevo finishes the album with “Solstice (Instrumental)” and “Dugan’s on the Way“. “Solstice” is a six minute track that highlights the bands captivating musical talent. If I haven’t convinced you that these dudes can rock by now, just listen to this track for yourselves and you’ll be sold! “Dugan’s on the Way” is the final song and a perfect way to cap off a truly amazing debut full length album.

“Outside in the Hallway” has proven to me that I MUST SEE Don Huevo live, but if it hasn’t sold you, here’s a little more from Dan Henig. “We encourage people to come to our live shows that feature extended improvisational jam segments as well as other music that does not appear on the first album!” Seriously, stream Don Huevo on all streaming platforms, including our Spotify playlist, and be sure to catch a show of theirs ASAP! - The After Hours Review

"-Review- Don Huevo “Outside in the Hallway” Album"

The six and a half minute opening track "Mountain Breeze" is catchy and hits hard with its infectious melodies and riffs. The track might be on the longer sider of runtime but it keeps interest throughout naturally. "Floating Amongst the Airwaves" dips the energy down a bit. The subdued nature is more methodical than the opener. "Wasted" picks up the energy and unleashes the Rock fury. The high octane instrumentation is on point and the vocals have a throwback feel to them as the instrumentation swirls around. The track should be a fan favorite with fans in no time. "March of the Marshmallows" keeps the crunchy riffs coming in droves. The track is pure Hard Rock at its core and pulls out all stops in making a radio friendly Rock tune perfectly. The title track is next and is eight and a half minutes long. The track takes the listener on an incredible journey through the wilderness of the natural Don Huevo sound. "Cave" is more melodic in its delivery and wears its heart on its sleeve with a more laid back Rock style. The guitar solos are out of this world and helps take the tempo to even greater heights. "Walking the Rue" has a nice groove to it. The track has an early Dave Matthews feel and keeps things tight and rockin' during its five minute timeframe. "Euphoria" is mostly instrumental but boy does it jam hard. The vocals enter the fray towards the end of the track while it's going off the rails but the instrumentation is definitely the showcase of the track as a whole. "Solstice" is an instrumental track that appears to service is an interlude to the closing track. The closer "Dugan's on the Way" closes out the album in style. The six minute closer jams out like there's no tomorrow and makes for an incredible end to a spectacular album.

Don Huevo's newest album looks to blast them off into the Rock stratosphere. - From the Depths Entertainment


Outside in the Hallway- Debut Full Length, released 8/27/21



Don Huevo is a three piece hard rock jam band performing out of Wantagh, New York. The band was formed in late 2016 by brothers Daniel and David Henig, joined by drummer Daniel Mure shortly thereafter. Focusing mostly on live shows at first, the band performed locally for several years adopting the improvisational “jam” format made popular by bands like The Grateful Dead and Phish. Don Huevo recorded and released their first single ‘Stuck in Orbit’ in 2020 and released their debut full length album ‘Outside in the Hallway’ on August 27th, 2021, featuring the singles ‘Dugan’s on the Way’ (released August 6th, 2021) and ‘Floating Amongst the Airwaves’ (released August 21st, 2021.)

Band Line-up:

Daniel Henig- guitars/vocals

David Henig- bass/vocals

Daniel Mure- drums

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