Don Alder

Don Alder

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Don Alder is one of the top Acoustic Guitarists in the world. 2011 Guitar Idol winner, 2010 Guitar Superstar winner, 2007 Intl Fingerstyle Champion. Only guitarist in the world to win all three. He's been featured in the top guitar magazines and has more then 3 million accumulative youtube views.



Some Exciting news:
May 2012
Don will playing at Rick Hansen's Celebrate25
May 22, 2012 Pacific Colliseum, Vancouver 7PM. Make sure to get your tickets asap. Artists include Sarah McLachlan, Johnny Reid, David Foster, Mariannas Trench, Jann Arden, One More Girl, Shane Koyczan, Sean Jones and Don of course Get your tickets

Don Alder wins Guitar Idol III in London,UK and now the only guitarist in the world to win all 3 major competitions.

Don Alder wins Guitar Player Magazine Gutiar Superstar contest in LA, California

Not a Planet is a nominee for "Instrumental CD of the Year" - WestCoast Music Awards-
In 2007 Don Alder became the first Canadian to with the prestigious International Fingerstyle Championships. His performances are intense, passionate and awe inspiring. In 2008 he was one of the headliners at the 2008 Allstar Guitar Night held at the Rymann theatre in Nashville that included star studded artists such as Victor Wooten, Larry Carlton and James Burton. Don has performed around the world and is now focusing on the Canadian music scene. You might refer to Alder as one of the most famous unknown acoustic guitarists in Canada. He is referred to as "Vancouver's best kept little secret" and often referred to as the "Hendrix of acoustic guitar"

Alder has amassed a fan base around the world and has been on the cover of all the main acoustic guitar magazines including the Internationallly distributed Yamaha All Access Magazine which featured Alder along side artists such as Grammy performer Jason Mraz. This effort was also made into a website which and can be seen at He was also included on the 40th Anniversary Yamaha Guitar Star poster. Don's youtube videos have seen more then one million accumulative views. Alder has also been influential to a new generation of acoustic guitarists. Many of them have posted covers of Don's tunes as well as dedicating their original compositions to him. In 2008 Alder performed at a handful of festivals to rave reviews and also co-bill concerts with Matt Anderson and Juno winner Celso Machado.

His "WOW" factor has led to multiple endorsement deals including the creation of a "Don Alder G4" model guitar built by Greenfield Guitars. Alder also has international endorsements with Behringer, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley strings, and Yamaha. Alder is also a top clincian for Yamaha in North America. In his spare time he also writes a column for B.C. Musicians magazine and shares tips and tricks with other aspiring guitarists.

What's being said about Don Alder:

- Picque News Magazin says this about Don, "Alder can make a single instrument sound like a 4 piece band. The Guy's like the acoustic Hendrix"

- “We are extremely proud to have Don as a National Endorsee. Don chose our handbuilt L-Series flat tops as his weapon of choice. We recognize that Don is at the forefront of the ‘new fingerstyle’ movement and look forward to a long relationship with this mind blowing guitarist”.
Chris Seldon, Marketing Manager, Yamaha Guitars

- Master Luthier, Matt Mustapick says "Don is an amazing guitarist, a one man moche-pit. If your within 100 miles of a performance, go see this guy"

- "Guitar Hero" Penticton Herald

- "Almost Unknown at home, Vancouver's Don Alder might be one of the best acoustic guitarists in the world" Vancouver Courier Jan 1, 2008

Alder is also a musician with a message:

In 1985, he put his music career on hold to assist his lifelong friend, Rick Hansen, with his quest to create awareness for the potential of people with disabilities and to generate funds for spinal cord research. The World Tour (, inspired millions of people throughout the 34 countries visited and raised 24 million dollars. Today, Don still works with Rick in a vital role at the Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation, which ha


Haunting Me

Written By: Don Alder

Verse 1
There you are, driftin so damn far, Driftin down the Isle of Love.
Hold that compass close to your heart, as you set course to sail.

Why are you haunting me tonight,
why are you taunting me this way,
why are you haunting me in these twilight hours of life.

Verse 2
Always holding the final card,
well the game was built for you
take your place by the Queen of hearts, as you deal your deck of fools.

Why are you haunting me tonight,
why are you taunting me this way,
why are you haunting me in these twilight hours of life.

6Ft Tall

Written By: Don Alder

Verse 1
I can stand on a corner I can chill all day
and I dont even need a reason why
I can drink Jack Daniels, stay up to 4 in the morning, baby
take in a movie or two before I die

Chorus 1
Im walking here in the rain
like every boy or girl thats ever called out your name
I stand 6 feet tall and feel so small
when Im walking back to you in the rain

Verse 2
Well I can tell that you dont know why Im here
but there must be a thousand reasons why
Ill stand on this corner stariing all night long baby
Ill stand here taking my sweet time

Chorus 1 - repeat

Verse 3
Its a pretty clear picture the way you run and hide
go's back to your youth with all those other guys
your spoiled as hell and you pack quite a yell, baby
then you torch a smoke and start to cry

Chorus 1 - repeat

Chorus 2
Are you pushing me ahead
Am I dragging you behind
Its the million dollar question
thats been burning on my mind
you never see it coming
but love gets you in the end
and Im walking back to you
yes Im walking back to you
well Im walking back
Im walking back
Im walking back to you


Written By: Don Alder

NO lyrics this is an instrumental


- Not a Planet -
- Cool Compilation -
- Fingerstyle Allstars DVD with Andy Mckee and others
- Take the Train Eh -

Set List

2 - 45min sets with a combination of instrumentals and songs. Prefers to play original music.

Don can also conduct a variety of workshops based around new exporations in fingerstyle acoustic guitar, Altered Tuning and Extended techniques