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Donald Lee

Columbus, Ohio, United States | INDIE

Columbus, Ohio, United States | INDIE
Band Blues Rock





Hey Donald,

My congratulations to you on making the Top 100 in The Hendrix Revolution CD Contest,
from over 6,000 entries worldwide! That's a fantastic achievement!

Although you didn't make the Top 50, I personally really enjoyed your track, and hear lots
of potential.

Because you reached the Top 100 you're now forever part of the Universal Hendrix Tribe.
Whatever you do music-wise: gigs/album releases, etc. you can always promote what you're
doing by leaving a comment that Dolly will always post on
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If you have any recordings that you'd like me to listen to in the future, don't hesitate to send them in.

Rock 'n' Roll Forever...

Marino De Silva
Producer, The Hendrix Revolution CD - Marino De Silva, Producer

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You've been selected to be featured in an upcoming issue of Lyrics, Inc. Magazine. I would like to welcome you to our community of indie artists and I implore to you to take advantage of everything we have to offer. - Lyrics inc Magazine

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Thank you for submitting your music to StreetBlast Internet Radio! We love your music, and would love to add you to our rotation! Please read the following information so we can get you on the air, and on our website! - Streetblast

"music cafe"

Donald, you really do have some Jimi Hendrix influence. Cool stuff. But can you network people to come see you do a show? If so how many do you think would come see you here in Powell? Have you ever been here?

Eric Ahlteen Espresso Yourself Music Cafe - Eric Ahlteen- Owner

"Consumer Reviews"

Hey Donald, I am enjoying your songs. Just electric guitar and vocals, do you play with a band live or solo? The Crime of Religion song has some good lyrics. Wah-Wah break down in the middle was cool too. - Joe Marcinek

"consumer review"

good stuff. maybe turn the guitars up a little bit. I would like to hear it with a full band. - Cadre3

"consumer review"

Intense stuff, would like to get together and Jam with you - Scott

"consumer review"

I like it, puts me in mind of lenny kravitz - Lisa R.

"individual review"

Great meaningful lyrics, I think people can relate, I can hear your personal experiences - Deb M.

"individual opinions"

obvious Hendrix influence- Good Stuff - Brent G & Gary R

"Feel The Music"

It's refreshing to hear music again!!!!! I pride myself on being open to all genre's of music, but as of late I haven't heard to much that's original, authentic..REAL! I was sooo tired of digital this, that and the other that I've been downloading the oldies to get my musical fix. Thats until now. It's not alot of artists that have the sense anAd the nerve to go back to the roots of what it is to make music (ie., Hendrix, Kravitz, etc.). It doesn't take drum machines, sampled tracks and all that other bulls@#! All it takes is a man, and his good buddy Mr. Six-string, with a story to tell and the soul to convey it. In the
I'm so impressed with Donald Lee's style of musical convergence that I am in talks with him to use some of his music in my films, so for all you movie fans, be on the look-out for some of his new tracks to grace the big and small screen.
My suggestion to the masses..get this CD, push play, close your eyes and FEEL THE MUSIC!!!!!
Alonzo F. Jones
- Alonzo F. Jones


Song "Crime of Religion" will be featured in a movie titled "Boxcutter and Man" Developed by Award Winning Writer and Director Alonzo F. jones.
you can check out trailer for one award winning short film at WWW.ELISLIQUORSTORE.COM

All material is original, a bluesy,folksy,rock feel.
All Material Copyrighted 2008
(recorded @ Home studio)

Songs streaming on indie and college radio

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Who is Donald Lee? He is a Solo Artist (at least for now), An artist who describes his music as a “Bluesy, folksy, Rock.” Although he feels it is difficult to put his music into a category because it’s a “combination of many things.” He creates music/songs touching on life. He was introduced to Music and Guitar at an early time in his life by his parents. His first record he ever had, his Dad gave to him; Jimi Hendrix, Live at the Monterey Pop Festival. His father was proficient in many styles of music and on several different instruments. As he grew, so did his taste for different music genres. In high school he was into a little bit of everything, from heavy metal to classic rock, from country to R & B to Blues. After joining the US Army, he and a few friends formed a band and they practiced as much as possible and played around the base and off at Fort Campbell, Ky. Upon his departure from Fort Campbell, He stayed in Nashville for a spell, absorbing as much from people’s experiences and insight as he could. Searching for info on his favorites, he’d read about Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Croce etc…trying to see them and understand them beyond their music. In His Words: “I Love music and I love Life. My lyrics are very thought provoking; touching on parts of life we can all relate to regardless of where we've been. I believe my music can stimulate the mind as well as free the soul."