Donald Rubinstein

Donald Rubinstein


Iconoclast, singer songwriter Donald Rubinstein. 15 CDS lyric inflected alternative folk + instrumental feature film scores, collaborates with Terry Allen, Bill Frisell, John Densmore, Robin Holcomb. Rubinstein's scope reflects in the personal soul search/originality of his songs.


Donald Rubinstein, singer/songwriter and composer has recorded 15 CDS to date, with one on the way.
What sets Donald apart is his lyrical gift and the uniqueness of his musical approach, moving from the traditional to the startingly original. ("Beautiful tunes, devoid of transitory trendiness." LA Times). He has scored numerous films including George Romero's "Martin," voted "One of the top 100 coolest film scores of all time," Mojo. His country-rock cd, "A Man Without Love," was executive produced by actor Ed Harris. Another cd of songs, "Time Again," is in duet with guitarist Bill Frisell and executive/produced by Bill as well. Crossing genres, Donald was included in Jazziz magazine's "Celebration of the Modern Era" 20th Anniversary CD, along with Miles Davis, Cassandra Wilson and Charlie Haden amongst others. He has written both main title themes and episodic music for two television series. Donald has also collaborated with artists as varied as country songwriter Terry Allen and dancer Anna Halprin. His poetry/print collaboration with Kiki Smith, "Seed," was exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art. As well, the museum exclusively sold his CD "Ruby Star.” His work is also currently(November, 2006) being seen and heard at The Whitney Museum of Art in NYC. He most recently completed scoring a documentary feature on Bob Dylan, "Tangled Up in Bob." Donald performed a number his original songs from the soundtrack to open the NYC premiere of the film, November 19, 2006.



Written By: Donald Rubinstein

It's a sad world
in my heart
I’m ropin’ diamonds
rollin’, fallin’ avenues

can you touch that
heart that bled him
can you ride
through starlight too?
oh my love

I hope peace can follow
all the riots, all the sorrow
I hope I can find
in soul peace of mind

we can
run through the fire
take our desire
we can run through the fire
hold hearts, hold time

I heard him
say imagine
well I imagine
that I can see your heart
breaking through my love
holding stars in skies above

Coming through my window
a world of doubt and pain
a world where all the violence
has no one left to blame

knock on the door
late night law
peace breaking in my name

my heart is
my life is
like a diamond
if we hold hands
if we hold hearts
we can ride
through starlight too.

Time Again

Written By: Donald Rubinstein

time again
time for angels
time my friend
n' you’re not home
but home’s a hollow
bed’s for making
one peace time more
before you’re dead.

time’s a heart
that just stopped achin’
hope’s a hill
you’ve got to climb
peace is more
than one more stake in
and empty bed,
a broken line.

come with me
I’ll show you heaven,
come with me,
I’ll show you mine
n’ you be sure,
ain’t no mistakin’
that twisted highway,
that broken line.

time’s a hope
we’ve put our faith in
time’s a glue
when love don’t rhyme
you just know
that God ain’t takin’
he only holds us
close inside.

Cries Like An Angel

Written By: Donald Rubinstein

she’s like an angel
she dances with her feet
up in the air
she flies like a hurricane
through the hope and hurt and fear
hurls like a diamond
her heart cuts sure as ice
she falls like catastrophre
when the metal meets the spike.
she cries like an angel
tears are soft as rice
she kisses like a fellow
whose heart’s been torn up twice
her mama and
papa raised her to be nice,
but she’ll short circuit anywhere
if you push her once or twice.

she’s a free flying heroine
broken by the wind,
her kisses are sweet as hell
she’ll show you where she’s been.
I met her in a pawn shop on the down side of l.a.
she saw me grab my guitar
from the counter
when I had paid.
She asked me for a melody
I gave her this song,
we’ve been travelin’
close together now
with the sirens and the law.

one day we’ll bust outa here,
for now she’s flying free
with her cross step stockings
and her two fisted fantasies.
I met her in a pawn shop
on the down side of l.a.
we’ve been moving
close inside our hearts
in the evening while we pray.

World of Science

Written By: Donald Rubinstein

baby you’re my love and desire
I wanna hold you like a burning fire
when I see you on the concourse
I wanna take you to the golf course,
when I see you in the mall
late at night,
wanna take you on a lovin’ ride.

baby you’re my secret whirl
your my angel
from the world of girls.

when you hold me close and tight
I wanna kiss them little lips goodnight
when you kiss me and the time stands still
i’m so grateful darlin’ you’re my girl.
your so fine and your so fair
I wanna be with you anywhere,
when I see you
in a world of science,
I don’t know why
they keep on lyin’.

Circle of Repent

Written By: Donald Rubinstein

There’s smoke in the alley,
people sitting on the fence
criers in the evening
hope out on the avenue of repent.
jugglers and catastrophe,
high wire act without a net.
It’s business here as usual
life just drowns
outside the circus tent.

Holding onto something
most people live in pain
with their money doctors answer,
poverty comes to them
just the same
they cry inside their children
hope that salvation pays the rent
don’t know how to solve it,
how to move beyond
a circle of repent

I stood inside arts pedestal
hung myself up again the other wall
when I looked to find me
I didn’t’ seed no one there at all
just an image that I carry
which I think is
supposed to solve it all
just leaves me guessing
I cannot find a reason for the fall

Romeo bandits, an outlaw’s life is pure fantasy
if you knew an outlaw,
you’d see he looks a lot like
you and me,
but he’s missing just one blessing perhaps an even chance to get it tall
nothin’ much is even
it’s slanted like a tooth behind it all.


Written By: Steve Deutsch/Donald Rubinstein

I fled the saddle
I rode the part
I lifted matters
outside my heart

I roamed the outskirts
of my mind
I banished hurting
and other crimes

there was a time
I stood the test
I blessed the horse
I blessed the rest

but I’ve grown angry
I’ve grown cold
I have lost
what I had known

the sky that bleeds
the morning’s sorrow
all the phantoms of my life
have croweded in and left me holy
like a thief stuck in the night

pick the pieces
I have traveled
down a road
and now man
is left with feet
and bones for walking
left with hollow empty trails
Dreams can travel
in your mind
hope unravels
over time

your are my redemption

like a brave pastoral
a curved ascension
you are my redemption

you are coming closer
a supple land
dancing to a moonlit band
like a vague mandolin
my feet began to swim
ponies in the wind


The Witness (1985)
Tales From The Darkside:The Movie (1991)
GNP Crescendo Records
Scars and Dreams (1997)
Music For Ocean Travel (1998)
Martin (1999) LevelGreen Records
Long Parade (1999) Blue Horse Records
Knightriders soundtrack, (2000)
Time Again (2000) Rhombus Records
Maya (2001) Rhombus Records
The Painted Stranger (2001) Rhombus Records
A Man Without Love (2002) Blue Horse Records
Ruby Star (2003) Museum of Modern Art
Lost Trail Hymn (2004) Black Starlight Records
Acceptance (2005) Black Starlight Records
Bruiser/Sorry town soundtracks Black Starlight Records (2005)
Tangled Up In Bob (2006)

Set List

Performance of all original songs -
sometimes in settings with other musicians, will jam and create unusual and not often heard incantations of original sound applied to the songwriting genre.