Don Alexander

Don Alexander


Don's new CD, Wake Up To Love, is a smooth jazz Sax project that features simple but inventive melodies and an easy yet invigorating sound. Ranging from ballads to latin, to retro jazz dance, this project has varied tempos yet a unifying drive and excitement with a sexy undertone.


I was born and raised in south Louisiana in te 50's. My influences come very much from blues and the various Louisiana and southern ethnic styles. I was a rocker in the 70's, converted to soul and jazz elements. My sax style and tone are closer to soul with simpler but more passionate lines than typical jazz.


Rick's Café

Written By: Don Alexander

(this is an instrumental)


I have just released the CD, Wake Up To Love on my own production company label, As-Is Productions. Radio play is in the works in Las Vegas. You may hear samples of the music on CD Baby's website.

Set List

This will be developed. Currently the contents of the CD plus a few extra favorites.