Dona Nicha

Dona Nicha

 Long Beach, California, USA

Loud, chaotic, melodic rock inspired by shoegazer, garage rock, psychedelia, spanish music and 80s college rock.


Dona Nicha formed in 2007 by brothers Nick and Billy Gil and neighbor Jason Hanakeawe. The name Dona Nicha (meaning "Madam Nicha" in Spanish) inspired a melodramatic reading of the band's influences, ranging from shoegazers My Bloody Valentine to indie rock heroes Guided By Voices to Spanish and Portuguese music such as Caetano Veloso, Os Mutantes and Los Panchos. The goal was to sound as strong and mystical as an emotional outburst from the women of telenovelas.


Dona Nicha EP (2010)

Set List

Typical sets are about 30 minutes. Songs include: Sandwishes, Don W8, Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss You, Mujeres de Media Noche. Covers have included Pyjamarama (Roxy Music).