Don Arbor

Don Arbor

 Berkeley, California, USA

Like a great set on San Francisco's KFOG radio-- melodic, danceable, world, pop, rock, and blues rock. Some electric, some acoustic. Lyrics that mean something, but they don't get in the way of the groove.


Don Arbor's new release, "County D," was co-written with Barbara Higbie, Grammy-nominated pianist, violinist, composer, and alumnus of the Montreux band. Barbara penned the tune, Don wrote the words and sings the song. It's a lyrical, moving work about transitions, memories, and the constant struggle between the present and the past. Watch for the single, on the radio in the fall of 2014, and the music video coming soon!

Don's last single, "Another Sunny Day in Paradise," from the Man on a Mission CD, hit number 16 on the FMQB AC 40 charts last summer.

Don's song and video, "Salam Pax (Peace)," was honored as an Official Selection of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, and the Berkeley (CA) Film and Video Festival. The song and video were inspired by an Iraqi blogger whose words reached around the world during the invasion in 2003. The song has both an irresistible groove and a powerful message. Don's songs are written in a wide range of styles, and played by great musicians, including Barbara Higbie, and Stef Burns-- lead guitarist for Huey Lewis and the News.


Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud

Written By: Don Arbor

Love is not a stranger to me
Been beguiled and driven wild
It's just that love's a danger to me
I take cover when it's over
Attraction to the shinig surface
Seeme to be my fate
Never see the dark side till too late


Somewhere the sun is shining
As if behind a shroud
Every silver lining has a cloud

Loved the wrapping that she came in
Loved the way she made me laugh
Couldn't see the tears behind
The smile in the photograph
But one word is worth a thousand pictures
When the word's goodbye
My sorry future crashed before my eyes


The sun was dimly shining somewhere behind a shroud
Every silver lining has a cloud


I'm blinded by a ray of hope
In the dark I grasp and grope
Hanging on to the end of my rope


Oh, love's a journey, love's a game
Love's a burnout, love's a flame
Love is true, but so is pain
Love is here, then it's gone again
And it wasn't how we played the game
But did we win or lose
After all the laughter turned to blues


I feel my life unwinding and turning inside out
Every silver lining has a cloud

Every silver lining has a cloud
(repeat and fade)

Salam Pax (Peace)

Written By: Don Arbor

Salam Pax, Salam
Salam Pax, Salam

Took a walk along the river
Just to see the places that I love
That might be gone tomorrow
Asked the heavens why, why?
But there was no answer
Only sorrow falling from the sky

Salam Pax, Salam
Salam Pax, Salam

Now imagine it's your city
Hold your breath and hide beneath the ground
Is this called liberation?
Who will still be standing, will there be a sunrise?
Who will live, and who will die

And I'm sending out a messsage to the worldwide web
Somehow I'm connected like I've never been before
I can feel you praying for me
I feel your humanity
And I still laugh at irony
While being bombed into democracy

Any fool can start a war
But heaven only knows where it will end
We try to just survive
This is still my home
My scarred and battered country
And it's great to be alive

Salam Pax, Salam
Salam Pax, Salam


Current release (February 2008)-- "Salam Pax (Peace)". Features DVD of the title track, plus CD of the title track and 5 other original songs. Title track video has been up on Youtube since last week of February 2008, and has garnered five star ratings. Video can also be seen at, and mp3 excerpts can also be heard there.
Previous release-- "Postcard from the Mystery Spot" (2002)-- several tracks received airplay in 2002-03. Excerpts can be heard at the website.

Set List

1. Salam Pax
2. Wrong Side
3. I Let It Go
4. Every Silver Lining has a Cloud
5. Only Makin' Money
6. Ask Your Doctor
7. Life's Too Short
8. Electrician
9. Average American
Typical set is 45 minutes to one hour, 80-90% originals, one or two covers in a rock/blues vein.