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DONIS is a well-known Lithuanian neofolk/ambient/experimental music project, the central axis of which is a multi-instrumentalist Donatas Bielkauskas. The most unusual and characteristic feature of his music is an idiosyncratic blend of the ancient Baltic folklore and contemporary arrangements.


...the music is obviously cinematographic... it's like sonic images evolving from unfocused medium. Donis is floating his stories smoothly, purposefully, as if weaving... You can relax and listen with a rib of an ear, you can submerge in your contemplations... There’s enough of depth... As well as of attraction. [A.Karalius - editor of the newspaper , architect]

Donis is a unique Lithuanian post-folklore project from Klaipëda (a harbour city of Western Lithuania on the Baltic Sea), masterminded by a young talented multi-instrumentalist, Donatas Bielkauskas. The most unusual and characteristic feature of his music is an idiosyncratic blend of the ancient Baltic folklore and contemporary arrangements, embroidered with authentic instrumental folk tunes on the backdrop of graceful electronic architectures of sound. Donis' compositions are hard grooving, subtly refined and solid sounding.

The young artist has also shown a knack for experimentation, winning his audiences with somewhat surprising releases of primeval ambient sound (Baltos Juodos Klajos, 2002; Ðvilpiai, 2003; Vacuum, 2004), conceptual avant-garde projects D.N.S. and Wejdas, and collaborations with Kûlgrinda ritual folklore group (Sotvaras, 2003). His most outstanding accomplishment to date is the album Bite lingo, based on Lithuanian historic and war songs and recorded with singer Rasa Serra and Kurðiø Ainiai ensemble. The most recent Donis' production Alexandreia reveals imaginary spirit of antiquity, that results in tranquil, transparent and peruasive ambient stream. Distinguished for originality and versatility, Donis' output also includes music for theatre and film. It has been presented at a number of alternative art festivals, art galleries and international culture events.


2007 - Donis "Alexandreia"
2006 - Donis "Bite lingo"
2004 - Donis "Vacuum"
2003 - Donis with Kulgrinda "Sotvaras"
2003 - Donis "Svilpiai"
2002 - Donis "Baltos Juodos Klajos"
1998 - Donis "Deinaina"
1995 - Donatas Bielkauskas "Iki zvaigzdziu"

d.n.s. (experimental/industrial/noise music project)
2006 - d.n.s. "mechanistic…"
2005 - d.n.s. "dunes"
2004 - d.n.s. "Fade-in"

Joint projects:
2006 - gys + d.n.s. “conspiracy of silence”
2004 - gys + V.Manomaitis + d.n.s. "SM"
2003 - Inconnu/Driezhas/Donis "20:00.00000"
2002 - Donis/Driezhas split

Also participated in:
2004 - Wejdas "Zemes alsavimas" (Dangus (CD))
2003 - Kulgrinda "Perkuno giesmes" (Dangus (CD))
2002 - Notanga "Laukti Liko Nebedaug" (Dangus (CDr))
2000 - Wejdas "Wejdas" MC version (Dangus productions)
2000 - Wejdas "Dykra - die welt ohne rahmen" (Bastet recordings, Germany (CDr))
1998 - Wejdas "Wejdas" (Red stream (CD))
1998 - Ha lela "Pabudimas" (Eldethorn records (CD))
1997 - Eirime "Banla" (MC)
1996 - Eirime "Kursjoi" (Dangus Productions (MC))
1995 - Wejdas "Without Sleep" demo95 (Art prod. (MC))
1995 - Wejdas "Dykra" (Dangus Productions (MC))
1994 - Wejdas "Saulei tekant" (Dangus Productions (MC))
1994 - Wejdas "Á tamsa" (MC)

Music of project Donis was specially created or adapted for these performances:
2006 - Klaipeda Business and Technology College Folk theatre „Aitvaras“ spectacle „Kario daina“ by Paulius Sirvis and lithuanian folk stories.
2004 - Documental film “Dabar ir musu mirties valanda”. 2004 / Vytautas V. Landsbergis.
2004 - "Nieko nepraranda vaikai" [Sarunas Bartas, 2004 / Betacam SP / 5 min].
2000 - "Sleptuve" (author - Algimantas Mackus), Culture house of Kretinga.
2000 - "Kapiniu angelas" contemporary allegory (author - Andrejus Maksimovas) in the Faculty of Art at Klaipeda University
1999 - "Meiles katalogas" ("L'aide-Memoire", author: Jean-Claude Carriere), Kaunas Little Theater

Set List

Now Donis represents two different programmes in concerts: "Alexandreia" and "Bite lingo". Also Donis creates special programmes for big and unusual events. Length of programmes is 45-60 min.