Don Bodin

Don Bodin


Music for secret agents, mutants, vampires and super villains. “Greed, Lust And Cloning" is the score for a film that never was.


"4 out of 5 Stars"
- Doug Less, DomainCleveland

"At times jazzy, at times sleazy and when it wants to, this album rocks "
- Paul Walters, CD Reviews

"Zimmer could learn something from Bodin's spunk"
- Dave Heaton, PopMatters

Recorded and produced in a little over 3 weeks “Greed, Lust And Cloning” is based on five themes and paints the backdrop to a sci-fi story of espionage and adventure. Don originally conceived the album as a promotional tool to shop his composing talents but the music quickly grew into much more.

Calling on a select group of performers to contribue, Don added the talents of viola player Leah
Nelson, cellist Alisha Bauer, operatic soprano Elif Savas, drummer Garret Hammond and guitar talent
Chris Schleyer.


Greed, Lust And Cloning