Don Burnham

Don Burnham


Original Don Burnham songs in classic Western Swing style, featuring musicians from California's all star band LOST WEEKEND - The title waltz of this new EP CD - APPLE AND GOOGLE AND GOLD - has created a buzz on YouTube:
Enjoy the video:


He's spent most of his life behind a guitar - singing and pickin', from campfire circles to concert stages. Guitarist and vocalist DON BURNHAM is best known as the bandleader of LOST WEEKEND Western Swing Band (since 1985).

Born in San Francisco (June 3, 1947), DON was raised on the SF Peninsula, and he attended the University of California, where guitars, music and songwriting ultimately prevailed over other studies.

Drafted by Uncle Sam in 1968, DON served in the US ARMY/Korea. He worked for a time in New York City at the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) as a news assistant, before returning to California and the West Coast music scene. DON supported his music habit by working as a seasonal park ranger, where he developed his musical program known as 'Songs and Tales of California and the West'.

After years as a folksinger, troubadour, songwriter, and bandleader, DON'S overriding interest in swing music and traditional jazz produced his NEW CENTURY JAZZ BAND, and also the Western Swing outfit LOST WEEKEND. Ultimately these two bands 'merged' (1991). The modern Western Swing band known as LOST WEEKEND today is internationally recognized as one of the leading lights in contemporary Western Swing. DON was inducted into the Western Swing Hall of Fame in 2005.

DON continues today performing with LOST WEEKEND, as well as with smaller subsets of the group (the BOLOS, the OVERALLS) and also as he began, with just his Martin guitar.


Apple and Google and Gold

Written By: Don Burnham/Chuck Aronson

I was just an employee with a 401K
I was tired and retirement seemed so far away
So I called up my broker and I told him my plight
He said tech stocks and growth stocks will set you up right
Enron and Tyco were the gems that he chose
World Com and dot coms and hot IPOs
The Nasdaq's big rally hit 5000 strong
But those high flying tech stocks would soon do me wrong
I would have been wealthy
I could have been cool
I should have known better than to be such a fool
I'd be set for a lifetime with riches untold
If I'd only bought Apple and Google and Gold

A Dog's Life

Written By: Don Burnham

I live a dog's life and I'll tell you why
I eat when I'm hungry and drink when I'm dry
I live for the moment and to serve my master well
I'm loyal and I'm loving with a keen sense of smell
I lead a dog's life so if I'm sleeping let me lie
Don't you pull my whiskers or poke me in the eye
But fill my bowl then I'll be your best friend
And I will be your pooch right to the end
Every so often I snarl at some cat
When he tries to start a fight
But I wasn't raised to behave like that
And mostly my bark is worse than my bite
I'll take a dog's life, wouldn't change it if I could
Truth is a dog's life is doggone good
And one thing's certain
No matter how I try
I'll be a dog until the day I die

Driving Lesson

Written By: Don Burnham

I remember long ago I was such a little tyke
I'd zoom all over town on my scooter and my bike
And I dreamed about the day when I finally turned sixteen
And then I'd get the chance to drive my daddy's Ford machine
Well my paw saw how I was chomping at the bit to learn to drive
One day he sat me down there in the cab right by his side
He said 'son I see you're anxious but there's just so much to learn
You gotta know some driving basics boy, before you get your turn
Keep your eyes on the road
Hold the wheel at ten and two
Click and tug your seatbelt snug
You'll live longer if you do
Watch your speed
Signposts heed
And most important when you drive Dad's truck
Keep those round black things down
And keep that shiny side up

I Dreamed Count Basie Was A Cowboy

Written By: Don Burnham

I've been having trouble sleeping, cos I'm restless and I fret
So last night I drank some special herbal tea
It relaxed me so at bedtime
I sank in slumber so sublime
Somehow the darndest notion come to me ....

I dreamed Count Basie was a cowboy
I dreamed he had a cowboy band
That ol' piano pounder was a rancher and a rounder
Stridin' and swingin' was the Basie brand


That's What I Love About You

Written By: Don Burnham

You ask me why on earth I love you so
I'm gonna try for all it's worth to let you know
Just where to start might prove a problem though
There's so much I love about you



Redoubtable Records RR99

Redoubtable Records RR49

LOST WEEKEND LIVE! 21 Years of Western Swing
Redoubtable Records RR120

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Sonoton SCE 012 (Germany)

Set List

I Dreamed Count Basie Was A Cowvoy
Go Man, Go!
I Can't Two-Step Houston Out Of My Mind
Fern Frond Boogie
Ms Busy
That's What I Love About You
Apple and Google and Gold
Ex Factor
Driving Lesson
A Dog's Life
I Will Never Be Your Fool

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