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Don Cash

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Don Cash is a true North American origianal. A major player in the burgeoning new wave rap scene, he describes his music succinctly. Says Cash -- "It's electro, it's rap, it's rock, it's loud, crazy and it's fun. The kids love it and it goes hand in hand with hot clubs, fast cars and pretty girls."


Don Cash, a leading light in the new wave rap/electro rock scene, is an artist/producer from Toronto. He has worked with artists such as Berlin producer extrordinaire Headman, production team DFA (NYC), rockers Broken Social Scene, producer Doc (Esthero, Res & Graph Nobel) and Zongamin.

In 2007 his album Don Cash II was released worldwide on the respected Berlin label Relish, earning him a wide array of praise and acclaim including raves from NME (8/10), i-D magazine, and the Sunday Times of London, which enthused "Cash is King."

Cash spent 2008 playing shows in Europe and working on his new LP Freshy Fresh, which is slated for a January 2009 release on the stereoeagle label.


Freshy Fresh -- 2009
Don Cash II -- 2007
On The Bus -- 2006

Set List

Don Cash's typical set is anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes right now depending on the gig. He plays tracks from all three albums, including the singles Hey There, Disco Wreck, Star Dust, Heat and Trans Am