Don Chani

Don Chani

 Austin, Texas, USA

What exactly is Texas reggae? According to the nine members of Don Chani it’s a classic roots reggae and dub sound interspersed with elements of contemporary latin music. Every member is a vocalist or multi-instrumentalist, allowing for constant enthusiasm and collective energy across the stage during their live performances.


The Austin, Texas band Don Chani blends talented musicians from their community and different styles of music into a wide reaching but cohesive and always heartfelt sound all very much its own. With wide and well executed strokes they cover an array of musical genres with a modern and global edge.

Since its inception it has been a swinging door for many of Austin’s up and coming (and now well known) musicians who have enthusiastically embraced the Don Chani project. In fact, Austin’s latest golden child, Gary Clark Jr’s drummer played a long stint with the band as well as some of Black Joe Lewis’s “Honeybears” before they were touring and playing to audiences of several thousands all over the globe.

As a true talent pool of Austin musicians, Don Chani continues its winning streak. The 9 piece band brings local talent from its home “the live music capital of the world” and shakes it up resulting in a sound that effervesces with energy and harmony. Showcasing lyrical three part harmonies, Chani’s infectious bass grooves, drums and percussion accompanied by a truly talented group of musicians catapult their live shows to a consistent level of energetic movement and smiling wide eyed faces.

Don Chani has supported many great acts like The Wailers, Ziggy Marley, Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars, Culture, Pepper, The Expendables, The Skatilites, Luciano, The Meditations, Eek E Mouse, Morgan Heritage, and many more.