don christopher

don christopher

BandR&BHip Hop

soulful like old school motown, with class. pushing past the normal boundaries of sound in music. like miles davis, james brown, donald bird. crafting every track like a wove tappestry like duke ellington, composing his orchecstra. no sampling.the artist should be all around performer and writter.


my music is the old school sound with a new feel of todays sound, i take every track and combined it with blues, jazz, funk,pop hip-hop. metal and rnb. all of my music is totaly written by me and engineered by me. my sound comes from my life and the many journeys and obsticles i have over come to become a solid composer ,writter and producer of my own crafted sound of music. for the artistic side of me that i have created as i invission it as an artist and producer.


yes, i have anew album out, on called chi-town money. the album is all instrumental and there are ring tones and mp3s on all itunes napster,emusic, rhapsody many others.they are the songs you hear on / my new label. its world wide now baby..

Set List

heaven an hell 2minutes then theres the song hard funkin wich is about 3minutes long. but in a show iwould play about 4-5 songs live. nothing beats alive band and you gotta get it daddy all new hot joints.