Don Clark

Don Clark

 Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA


Raised in a town rich in Rock n Roll history, Fullerton California the birth and home of Fender Guitars. The plant by the rail road track. I heard that whistle blow every night after the fireworks at Disneyland in the summer blasted off letting all know it was 8:30.

Influenced by a college town and the unrest of the 60's I was a child singing in church and acting in school plays while putting together a band in the 5th grade. It was the dawning of the age of Aquarius

Some have called me a modern day Mr. Bo Jangles some have said I sound like Dylan with my harmonica melodies.

Relax and feel, take a break in your mind with 12 string melodies that remind you of a timeless period of being in the moment. Then the mood elevates and the skilled and soulful voice that turned from soft clouds to building hurricane raise your awareness that your alive and your mood is being changed to lift your voice and change your mind.

From the softness and innocence of Simon and Garfunkel and Cat Stevens to the Power and emotion of Mick Jagger and Robert Plant we ride the ride together into a new century.

Sweet Emotion and Renaissance all in one.