Taviano, Apulia, ITA

The meeting between Donatello Pisanello, diatonic accordion player and film score composer, with Angelo Urso, prolific double-bass player, takes place from the need to express an intimate yet varied relationship between two musical instruments like the diatonic accordion and the double-bass, the native oral tradition and the classical music, composition and improvisation, sense and sensibility.


DONATELLO PISANELLO is a musician, researcher of the Salento traditional music and film score composer (for Giorgia Cecere, Edoardo Winspeare). His musical training is based on the oral tradition, that he constantly analyses throughout by means of research and experimentation. Guitarist and mandolin player, he is especially known for his contribution to the rediscovery of the diatonic accordion in the Salento region and for creating an individual style based on the native folk tradition mixed with elements of modern and contemporary music such as minimalism, psychedelic and experimentation. Donatello Pisanello at present shares his artistic and musical experience with Officina ZOE'. (Official website:

ANGELO URSO graduated in double-bass at the Conservatorio Nino Rota in Monopoli. He is experienced in both folk and jazz music.


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