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My names Donevan, Im a singer/songwriter/producer/ who in love with music. Music for me is a raw form of energy and expression. Originally I wanted to be a producer since about age 12. I was always captivated by the actual BEATS of songs and that was always the first thing i heard and could identify with. My early fav producers who made me want to get into producing were Dr Dre and Timbaland. I found myself tryin to get my hands on every track i could that was produced by them. I first started out using Sony ACID just messin around with loops and drum patterns. Me and some friends would make different rap tracks just freestyling talkin about different ppl at school and gettin money lol. I developed a desire to know everything that went into making tracks and wanted to learn about the studio process as a whole. I started lookin into schools that taught about the studio environment, and i found one in Orlando Florida. In 11th grade i taught myself how to play bass guitar and a friend of the familiy's taught me some chords on the piano and how to play by ear. At that time i started using a KORG Triton to make beats. I played bass and keyboard at church for a lil over a year until i moved to Florida. While going to school full time I really didnt have alot of time to get a job so that meant no money to get some gear for makin music. I found a Guitar Center about 10 mins away from where I lived and I would go there literally everyday to play keyboard and make beats on the equipment NO LIE TRU STORY U CAN CALL THE WINTER PARK GUITAR CENTER AND ASK THEM. I had dozens of track that I would hide on the hard drives so I could keep workin on them day after day hoping that one day Id have money to get the keyboard. After I finished school I received my degree in Recording Arts. Armed with all the knowledge in the world regarding studio i then started to look for work. Unfortunatly all the studios require that you come in as an intern before being hired and there is no guarantee that after your internship you'll be hired. MEANING WORK FOR FREE WITH NO PROMISE OF A JOB AT THE END. Because I had bills to pay I had to find a job in the meantime until i found a studio job. After months and months with no work poppin up I decided to move to Houston to live with a friend from college cuz he said that there was alot of audio work there. I found an audio job in Houston (not the one i would have wanted) and started saving up for my gear again. While living in Houston I found that i had alot of things on my mind and the only thing that seemed to aleviate the stress was writing and singing. And thats when I started writing songs and singing. After I got some gear I decided that Cali would be the best place to pursue my dream. Currently I am writing, producing, singing and mixing all of my own songz and performing at different events and venues. I do what i love and i love what i do.