Done With Dolls

Done With Dolls


Done with Dolls is a 4 piece pop outfit led by the hauntingly beatiuful harmonies of sisters Kylie and Jordan Miller. This 4 piece all female band have just released their self titled debut CD and are ready to rock the planet!


At just 11 and 12 years of age, these girls are Done With Dolls and ready to show off their extraordinary talents on a stage near you.

Already veterans of the recording studio, Done With Dolls have a brand new debut EP, and have played their first show to a sold out crowd in Toronto's East End.
In contrast to the cookie cutter, formulaic teenage stars of the same age, Done With Dolls are responsible for writing, and playing their own songs, something that is unfortunately rare to find in performing artists these days.
The girls have already been playing music half their lives, and have a strong grasp of writing catchy, age appropriate pop songs about the situations, and thoughts that evoke a tweens' conscience.

Produced by James Quinn of Rocket Sound Studios, and Mastered at Joao Carvalho, the Done With Dolls cd is a professional debut and has already proven a hit with students at Glen Ames public school, with the girls being asked for autographs, a sure sign of what lies ahead in the near future.

Catch them while you can. These girls have stardom and longevity written all over them!


2009 - Done With Dolls debut EP!

Set List

Set list is 8 songs, approx 40 min.
7 all original songs, plus one Beatles cover "I've Just Seen a Face (falling)"