Formed in late winter 2004, [don] joins different backgrounds and personalities. Highly active right now and working on new material, they are almost ready to surprise you out of your socks.


We will spare you from the boring details about [don]´s forming. Overall that story is intriging, but we are not the ones to tell.
Since everybody has astonishing, but different backgrounds, I can only name a few names that have influenced us:

Public Image Limited "Secon Edition"
Kraftwerk "Computerwelt"
Joy Division "Closer"
New Order "Get Ready"
Ian Brown "Music Of The Spheres"
David Bowie "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars"


EP "Repro" - 2004
EP "Thirty Minutes Of Silence" - 2005
Live EP "Mentally ill Songs" - 2006

Our tracks are played in local radious a few times in a week.
Also local Dj´s have some of our songs in their regulal playlists.

You can stream us from last.fm and myspace.
If you find us.

Set List

Usually we start with dreamy slow songs and move the beat up until the victorious end.
So the next band would have a croud of high energised people :)