Don Haupt

Don Haupt


Foot-stompin', guitar smackin', screamin' and hollerin' delta blues. Some folks calls it roots blues, some calls it folk blues, some calls it delta blues, but everybody calls it blues. Done old school like it should be, just one man and an acoustic guitar.


Performing with the ferocity of the slightly unhinged, Don Haupt tears into the blues with field-holler vocals and a hefty hand on the guitar backed by a right foot not just tapping but stomping the stage so hard it is felt through the floor clear into the back row. The songs recall the early times of blues when roads were made of dirt and reverb was nothing more than a rattling resonator cone. Farming, decking on Mississippi River towboats, and long-haul trucking have influenced a style based on the classic self-accompanied bluesman. Fans of traditional blues will not be disappointed.


Steady Rollin' Man - 2003

Set List

Set lists are constantly variable and changing renditions of classic delta blues songs from Son House to Skip James to Robert Johnson with some originals in between.