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Donis Phipps

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band R&B Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Clark Simon, 27, first heard of Donis one afternoon riding with a friend of his in Alabama.
“I had the radio on and [my friend] suddenly changed it to the CD player,” he said. “‘Yo, who is that?’ I said. ‘I like this song. Who is this?’”
His friend told him they changed the radio to the disk player.
“I was really impressed because there are not too many artists that I like to listen too,” he said.
Since that day he has seen Donis perform a handful of times; the most recent time was during a Sony music showcase in Alabama mall in early September. He said the hallways were crowded with people trying to get a glimpse of the performer.
“His stage [presence], I think, is very good. I have noticed the audience does pay attention once he starts to sing; especially when he hits the higher notes during his performances,” he said. “I believe I have heard a total of six of his cuts, [which he self-penned].”
He is so taken aback by the performer’s vocal abilities that he has attended the majority of Donis’ performances and has also videotaped most of them.
This young vocalist has been wowing crowds all over the South. If there is an audience and a microphone, he’s there so be prepared.
Imagine watching a falling star in a clear night sky. Imagine meeting someone for the first time and getting butterflies. Imagine seeing your firstborn being born. Imagine all of these things and you still have not experienced the feelings you get when you see Donis on stage or hear his voice sliding over a combination of chords and notes like spreading icing on a birthday cake.
He wins a crowd over with his vocal ability, stage and choreographic presence and audience interaction. Seeing him on stage is an experience. Hearing him sing is a blessing. Experiencing both is an out-of-body experience.
At just such a young age of 21 he is accomplished, not only as a vocalist, but also a songwriter, performer and arranger, with more than 10 years of entertainment and performing experience.
He’s been compared to some of the best in the industry, young and old, but has a style, flare and ability that are his own. He owns his uniqueness with maturity and confidence and is not to be underestimated.
A native of Atlanta, GA, his resume includes time with the Freddie Hendricks Ensemble, training at Tri-Cites High School of Performing Arts, local showcases throughout the South. He is not even too embarrassed to admit that he even practices in the in the privacy of his shower at home. Whenever, wherever, whatever!
“I think Donis will go far with his career,” Simon said. “His music is popular, especially his slower songs. I will continue to support him, anywhere, anytime. I don't follow bad acts; I can find better things to do.”
Simon is from Cleveland, Ohio, and now resides in Birmingham, Alabama.

- Mashaund D.


"Phone Sex"- Currently receiving radio airplay



Born and raised in the “New Motown” known as Atlanta, Georgia comes one the most innovative artist to hit the scene in years. Donis is unlike any artist you will meet. He’s in a class all his own.

His career began at a young age in theater. He possesses outstanding ability, stamina, drive, and passion for his art. Having almost ten years experience being on stage explains why he displays passion and charisma on stage. Donis possess many talents that set him apart from any artist. He is not only a vocalist, but also a prodigious songwriter. Formally trained in acting, dancing, and singing explains his musical versatility and ability to cross genre's. Being vocally trained by one of the industries greatest coaches, Jan Smith of Jan Smith studio's, is easy seen in his strength and ability.

This artist vocals range from 2nd tenor to even 1st soprano. As a vocalist he has been said to have the power and strength of Luther Vandross, the vocal range of Maxwell and Mariah Carey, the harmony of Stevie Wonder, and the versatility of R. Kelly. He’s an innovative and highly creative songwriter with the ability to create vivid imagery matching any style of music. His personal style consist of a fusion of various genres, but deeply rooted in R&B and Soul/Jazz. This artist believes in making music that’s timeless and touches my fans of all ages. He is a PRODIGY and strives for noting less.