Donis Phipps

Donis Phipps

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandR&BHip Hop

The industry needs an artist with strong dynamic vocal ability, lyrical imagery, genre versatility, commanding stage presence, stamina, drive, passion for art, out the box, and a full on triple-threat. That artist is Donis. As an artist I believe in making music that’s timeless and touches my fans.


Born and raised in the “New Motown” known as Atlanta, Georgia comes one the most innovative artist to hit the scene in years. Donis is unlike any artist you will meet. He’s in a class all his own.

His career began at a young age in theater. He possesses outstanding ability, stamina, drive, and passion for his art. Having almost ten years experience being on stage explains why he displays passion and charisma on stage. Donis possess many talents that set him apart from any artist. He is not only a vocalist, but also a prodigious songwriter. Formally trained in acting, dancing, and singing explains his musical versatility and ability to cross genre's. Being vocally trained by one of the industries greatest coaches, Jan Smith of Jan Smith studio's, is easy seen in his strength and ability.

This artist vocals range from 2nd tenor to even 1st soprano. As a vocalist he has been said to have the power and strength of Luther Vandross, the vocal range of Maxwell and Mariah Carey, the harmony of Stevie Wonder, and the versatility of R. Kelly. He’s an innovative and highly creative songwriter with the ability to create vivid imagery matching any style of music. His personal style consist of a fusion of various genres, but deeply rooted in R&B and Soul/Jazz. This artist believes in making music that’s timeless and touches my fans of all ages. He is a PRODIGY and strives for noting less.


Phone Sex

Written By: Donis

Verse 1:
Cawl in to my head
Make some room on my bed
Theres a movie in the house tonight
Staring you, wearing high heel shoes

Turn the light down low
Relaxing your body lets go
We'll be the only ones to know
So strap in and enjoy the show (oh)

Even though your far away
I can feel your touch baby please stay
If you let me be inside your fantasy
I'll do what your body likes

Sway to my voice at night
I know that you want it
Don't act shy
If you let me be inside you fantasy
I'll do what your likes

Verse 2:
Tell me what your body like
Imagine my tongue hitting every spot
Your, pleasure is my goal and will succeed
Just stay focused on me

I see you on top of me
Moaning for more as I speak
Feeling your body to the beat
Embrace the flow and I'll have you screaming out for more

Chorus: (2x)

[You Know]
That the fire inside is enough to ignite the night
[Your long hair]
And sexy thighs I cant seem to get off my mind
[Oh, how I wish you were here]
Finding every little spot, grinding to the beat right
[Girl I could rape your mind]
Your just what I need

Chorus: (2x)
(If you let me be)
(Sway, don't act shy)
(Do you want me to do what your body likes)
(Tell me what you want to feel)


"Phone Sex"- Currently receiving radio airplay

Set List

1-"Phone Sex"
2-"April Rain"
3-"Why Cant We Be Together"
4-"All the Things I Do"
5-"Sweat It Out"