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Don Lombardi



Born and raised in New York, Don Lombardi was influenced by virtually every type of music he heard on the radio, in church and on the streets; but it was the songs and performances of The Beatles, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Jim Croce and Bill Withers that formed the core of Don's songwriting and performance style.

He started writing songs in his early teens, teaching himself the guitar and honing his vocal skills that began in church as a boy. During the 1960s and 70s and throughout his military service, he performed anywhere he could; from the United States, to Europe and in Southeast Asia.

During the 1980s, Don joined the Hudson Valley Folk Guild in New York and it was during his tenure as both a member, and chapter president that Don wrote some of his best songs. He continued to improve his songwriting skills by studying both his contemporaries and the artists he admired.

In 2001, Don was honored by the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, when one of his songs, “The Guys” was selected as part of the "Music of the Vietnam War" collection in the Archive of Folk Culture, and with that, it immortalized what began as a letter home to his mother from Vietnam where Don was serving as a combat soldier. The context of the letter told his mother he was alright, and that a group of guys were looking out for him. Later at the urging of friends, the letter became the song and a tribute to those he served with in Vietnam.

Among his other compositions are "Here's my Heart", which describes the apprehension that comes with starting a new relationship. "High Flying Ride" celebrates Don's love for flying and the lilting gentle ballad "Free as the Wind" remains his favorite.

Realizing that the cover songs by his favorite artists are the foundation of his performance style, he includes them in his live shows; thus, paying homage to the artists he considers his “teachers”.

His performance credits include sharing the stage with Kris Kristofferson, Tom Paxton, Bill Staines, Cheryl Wheeler, Leon Russell, Mary Travers and Kenny Rankin.

His early recordings are no longer available, but a full length CD with Don's early and current material is scheduled for release in 2009.


Here’s my Heart

Written By: Don Lombardi

Here’s my Heart

I don't know you, or the things that you do
I don't know much more than your name
And you don't know me, only just what you see
Another one playing a game

Now and again, with the breeze blowing in
A change comes to make things anew
I could be wrong, but it may stand for long
If you take what I'm giving to you

Here’s my heart, tried it before, I could try once more
Here’s my heart, it's for you to take…if you stay

You felt the pain, and you cried like the rain
And you say you'll never do that again
This may be true, what I'm saying to you
It’s a question of who, where, and when

I wouldn't mind if you needed some time
To try and be as sure as you can
But try as you may, you may find that someday
You’ll be giving your heart once again

Here’s my heart, tried it before, I could try once more
Here’s my heart, it's for you to take…if you stay

I can see that you're trying to heal
And I know you've got feelings, you don't want to feel
Well it may be too soon, to put my heart on the line
But time doesn't wait for nobody wasting time

So, here’s my heart, tried it before, I could try once more
Here’s my heart, it’s for you to take…if you stay

Music and Lyric by Don Lombardi ©1992


"Sunny Afternoons" (Laurie Records, 1981)
"The Guys" (Wizmak Records, 1991)