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The best kept secret in music



" I have seen thousands of acts over the years as the booking agent for a major NYC venue and Don McCloskey is hands down one of my favorite all time performers. From the funny rap style of a Kid Rock or a Beastie Boy to soulful ballads that Ray Davies or John Lennon would've been proud to write, McCloskey can do it all and keep the sold-out crowds with him all the way. If you are a booking agent, book him now and if you are an A and R guy, sign him now. 'Nuff said." - Booking agent for NYC's Sidewalk Cafe, father of Anti-folk


Don McC, aka "ENORMOUS D", plain n' simple, is the heir apparent to the G. Love "slack-hop" throne-with a twist of Dylan n' Zappa also tossed in for good measure mind you. A pure party album if I've ever heard one, so PLEASE, toss out yer Tag Team and Baja Men vinyl before you bring further embarrassment upon yourself, and pick this one up NOW. "Live From The Other Side" is the album highlight, but none of the tracks suck. File Under: Fun til' daddy takes the clam-baked T-Bird away. - Disc Jockey WBCN Boston, editor of

"Big Wooly Mammoth"

The music and lyrics contained in this CD makes you feel like your getting bitch slapped by Bob Dylan, Easy E and John Lennon! You will listen to it over and over, if only to feel like your part of the obvious fun that Big D was having while making it. And now you know, Sucka. - Listener review,


If you haven't heard of Don McCloskey yet, get ready to make room in your cd player for something new. One of the most truly unique and talented young songwriters I've come across in a long time, Don blends a fusion of folk, funk, hip-hop, rock and a little bit of country, on what has to be one of the best independent releases of 2004. His debut effort on "Bombs Over Bristol" is a breath of fresh air in a music industry dominated by homogeneity and manufactured acts. -

"It's Good To Be The King"

Don't let this witty, clever and often satirical singer-songwriter pull the wool over your eyes. At first you may find yourself listening and laughing out loud... listen on. Simmering beneath the surface is an array of music and lyrics that reveal the true heart and soul of this born-to-be performer. I could point out the key tracks to listen out for, "the one to go with”, “the first and second to hit the airwaves" but the truth is you WILL want to take it all in, song-by-song. BOMBS OVER BRISTOL is filled with a unique, alluring and defiantly insightful mix of music - don't pass it by.

IMAGINE - just a guy with a guitar, harmonica and stage who can spout out lyrics that would make Ben Folds jealous and Dylan cheer, strum ballads that can make David Gray sigh, and who can rap his ass off without skipping a beat. A performer that can transfer the magnetism of a studio album and naturally pour it out into his audience. Imagine. You can't buy that, design that or contrive that, but you can experience that!

So if you missed Don McCloskey live, get your head out of your iTunes and into a newspaper to figure out if you’re lucky enough to catch him next time around. - Kristine King, Sony Music

"Dave Uosikkinen"

I'm always looking out for the next great singer songwriter. Don McCloskey writes songs of sadness and humor. One minute I'm laughing out loud and the next I'm saying what a bummer. If you like Beck, Jeff Buckley and Bob Dylan I think you'll dig this song (Mr. Novocaine). - Drummer from Hooters and Artists Relations Director MP3tunes


Biggest Demo- self release 2001
Bombs Over Bristol- self release 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Don McCloskey is the songwriter for the iPod generation. From track to track his full-length debut (Bombs Over Bristol) swings from fingerpicking ballads that morn the death of a friend (Mr. Novocaine) to lo-fi, hip-hop/bluegrass anthems (King of Discount Ho's). Serving up unforgettable folk refrains with sides of surf rock guitars, old school drum loops, Latin percussion and hints of Americana, McCloskey’s Herculean strength as a lyricist make these unbelievable extremes very believable. This creative fearlessness has gained him an army of devoted fans, the admiration of critics and fellow artists alike, and most recently two Philly Music Awards for “Best Male Entertainer” and “Best Acoustic Act."

Thanks to rapid album sales, enthusiastic word of mouth and a series of explosive concerts, McCloskey’s popularity gains momentum every time he sets foot on stage. In a matter of one year, he has gone from performing his genre-defying music in small cafes and coffee houses to selling out 200+ seat venues in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. With an army of devotees shouting along to his choruses, his live shows more resemble a Southern tent revival than your regular coffee shop fare.

This grass roots movement has in no time turned the heads of fans and industry alike. Most recently it's lead to a management deal with Philadelphonic, playing to capacity crowds of 1,500 in support of G. Love and Special Sauce, and a string of sold-out shows at The Knitting Factory and The Sidewalk Café in NYC. McCloskey is a regular on the Anti-Folk scene at the Sidewalk Cafe, best known for housing Beck, Regina Spektor and the Moldy Peaches along their way to mainstream recognition.

McCloskey's lyricist and performance credits appear on several movie and stage productions as well. His lyrics to "Corporation Man" appear in Michael Moore’s 2002 Academy-Award-winning documentary, “Bowling for Columbine.” Tracks from Bombs over Bristol have gotten airplay on Y100 and WXPN in Philadelphia while Don himself has appeared as a guest on two VH1 series.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Don McCloskey is that the definitive chapter of his bio is yet to be written. With an arsenal of weapons as a songwriter, musician, producer and overall entertainer- all signs point to a career that bridges the gap between sincere self-expression and wildly entertaining music.