Don McNatt

Don McNatt

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Country Weekly Magazine calls Don McNatt a "Memphis Legend". Nashville Music Guide says "Virtuoso guitar, Singer Songwriter & TV personality". "McNatt shows an affinity for emotive songs, on both sides of love."-Amplifier Magazine. Don's philosophy ( title of the new CD) is "Have Songs Will travel".


Don McNatt has a history that touches most every form of entertainment, from Bands, to Motion Pictures, songwriting to acting. See In Nashville, where he hosts and produces a local television program featuring Nashville songwriters, “Writers in the Round, with Don McNatt and Friends”, Don since, locating to Nashville Don has played in London, Berlin, Munich, Bermuda, Mexico, Australia, and Central America, as well as the popular songwriter venues in Nashville, and for events around the southern USA, including the Sucarnochee Review, broadcast on 35 radio affiliates, and Jim Parker's songwriter series, held at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL,

Don has been well recieved at events like the Mickey Newbury Gathering in Austin,and the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival in Perdido Key, Florida.
Don is known as a songwriter, but has a history of Rock and Roll and Rythm and Blues. Memphis was his home town, and he takes pride in the influence that Memphis has had on his style. He takes great pleasure in singing the Rythm and Blues favorites, and Rock Hits that people seem to want these days in most establishments, along with his own songs, that become audience favorites.

Don will play from Buffett to Beach Music, George Jonest, to Journey, Bob Seger to Sam and Dave. In most situations,Don likes to play the favorites of the audience first, but his original songs are the kind that audiences will request to hear again, and those audience freindly songs are what sets this act apart. Don is comfortable, and experienced in small or large concert situations. He loves house concerts, and venues where he can feature only his own material. ( He has a lot of songs, with a lot of variety in the list )He is aware that the audience is still paying attention between the songs, and that the evening, though musicial, must have entertainment value throughout. It's not hokey, it just has to be entertaining.

Don was recently presented with the Peoples Choice award for Favorite International Performer, by the fans at the Canberra Country Music Festival, in Canberra, Austrailia.


Say Good Morning to your Angel

Written By: Karen McNatt

Say Good Mornin’ To Your Angel written by Karen McNatt
I hope this letter finds my favorite Marine
Everyone sends their love, we know the hell you’ve seen
We pray God sends his warriors down
To stand up with you on the ground
We don’t miss a day, we bow our heads and pray
To block the fiery darts of harms way
So when the sun wakes you up on that desert
And your thankful you’ve made it through
When every day’s a Christmas present
And your nightmares are comin’ true
Stand tall there with your brothers
You are the proud the few
And say good morning to your angel
Cause he’s a warrior, just like you

Your angel’s been there ever since you were a kid
No matter how crazy, he did everything you did
Your Mom still talks about those days
How she worried but she prayed
She knew God had a plan, for her little man
She let go and put you in His hands
When you wonder why your life was spared
While others had to fall
We may never know but we believe that prayer
Sends an angel down to walk you through it all

Stand tall there with your brothers
And hold your heads up high
Say good morning’ to your angel
And he’ll say, Semper Fi… he’ll say Semper Fi
He is always faithful, and he’ll say Semper Fi
Say Good Morning to Your Angel

Lyrics and melody by Karen McNatt, mother of Staff Sergeant Barry Grant Dean Jr. serving in the U.S. Marine Corp.

The Dog in My Dreams

Written By: Don McNatt

The Dog In My Dreams
c Don McNatt 2003
There’s a dog in my dreams, with a tear in his eye
In my dream he can talk, so he’s telling me why
says he’s sorry he barked, and did things that dog’s do
Cause he thinks that it might be the reason that you
aren’t scratching his ears, or throwing his ball,
Or just being here, so he can run when you call

He’s asking me, where’d you go, why’d you leave, He loved you so
he needs his freind, he wants you back, without you my dreams just can’t stay on their track,
He was part of a picture, and wants me to know what that means
Without you the world’s torn apart, for the dog in my dreams

Now I hear my dog cry, and hear the alarm
and I reach down beside me, where I’m feeling your arm
And I know things I’ve said, and some things that I do
Are not what the man of your dreams aught to do
So I’m watching you sleep, and I’m making a vow
to the girl of my dreams, that starting right now

I won’t forget, I’m on the track, I need your love, I’ll give it back,
I’ll be your friend, but love you more, Cause that’s what the girl of your dreams should be for
And without you my life would be coming apart at the seams
And I can’t see the world torn apart, for the Dog in my Dreams

Better Late than Never

Written By: Karen and Don McNatt

You can laugh and call me picky
Waitin' for that perfect man
Findin' true love can be tricky
She's gotta love me like I am
I need a lover I can talk to
Who's not afraid to stay
Perfection is a lover who's my best freind
Could this be my lucky day
Better late than never, when I hold you
It feels like I've come home
Better late than never, time together
We're writing love stories all our own
Where the guy gets the girl
And the girl gets the guy
And they hop on the plane and
Take off for the sky
And you know it's gonna last forever
Better late than never

Oh babe I wished I'd met you all those years ago
When I was starting out my life
And together we would grow
You wouldn't have liked the man I was then
I was too hard to hold down
It took me all these years to learn
What seemed so simple now

Better late than never when I hold you
It feels like I've come home
Better late than never, when I kiss you
I know that you were worth waitin' on
Now the years have made us wiser
Let's not waste another day
Love finally came our way
Better late than never
Love finally came our way
Better late than never

Red Umbrella

Written By: Karen McNatt

Red Umbrella by Karen McNatt
Verse 1
I went down to see my fella
Thought I better carry my red umbrella
We jumped on his horse and we took a ride
Across the Tennessee countryside
The sun was beating down that day
All we needed was a little shade
I opened up my red umbrella
For to shade me and my fella
We were riding on a horse with my red umbrella
Riding on a horse with my new fella
I'm in love and Mama can't tell it
Under the shade of my red umbrella

Verse 2
We had a little picnic by the creek
He gave me a little kiss on the cheek
I kissed him back and surprised my fella
and his face turned the color of my new fella
Sweet sixteen we'd never been kissin'
Little did we know what we were missin'
Lyin' on a blanket hidden by
The red umbrella we kissed the sky, we kissed the sky
Verse 3
Lighning cracked and thunder rolled
I should've went home like I was told but I was
Ridin' on a horse with my red umbrella
My head on the shoulder of my new fella
We found an old abandoned shed
Let's wait here my fella said
I knew we'd be safe and warm
We huddled there waiting out the storm
Verse 4
The storm blew over in an hour
He picked me a handful of wildflowers
He carried me home and my Mama said, "Child,
Where you been that storm's been wild"
If my umbrella could spill the beans
He would tell what he had seen
But Mama and Papa never learned
What my umbrella seen and heard
He never said a word


Don McNatt has the “Don McNatt and the SMPLZAT Band CD, and the “Dog in My Dreams” CD. They are available from the website, or through, and most online vendors.

Watch for new release, "Have Songs Will Travel", on CD, with 14 songs! As singles, some of these songs have already been getting airplay on internet radio, as well as regular airways in some areas of the USA, and several countries overseas. You can hear selections on CD Baby, or purchase downloads at

Set List

SET LIST; We can play the 45 on 15 break format, but frankly, we like to hold a crowd if we can, so if the management doesn't mind, sometimes we will play extended length sets.
If we are in an original music venue, we will of course, be playing our own songs, in concert style. Where the idea is general entertainment for a general audience, we will play mostly the classic hits that we all love.


1. The Likes of You
2. Ain't Love the Darndest Thing
3. Say Good Morning to Your Angel
4. Easy To Believe
5. Sweet Lovin'
6. Level of Love
7. So Far
8. Leave a Little Piece of Myself Behind
9. Tomorrow is a Brand New Day
10. Old Songs Tonight
11. A Memory Like That
12. Lookin' Forward to a Night With You
13. A Dog in My Dreams
14. Speechless
15. I Wanna Speak Spanish
16. For Your Love
17. Thinkin" Bout You
18. Rain Dancin"
19. You Chose To Love Me
20. Ones That Wish That You Were Standing Here
21.Woke Up in Love
22. Slidin" in the Mud
23. F