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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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DONNA is a very talented singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, lyricist, arranger, producer, and performing artist in multi-genres. DONNA’s writes, performs, and records original pop, country, and Broadway style songs. DONNA sings and performs with accomplished musicians, and accompanies herself on the pedal harp, guitar, piano, and synthesizers. Her video on YouTube introduces you to the title song from her new original musical, A WORLD IN HARMONY. DONNA is an international recording artist whose songs are being played on radio throughout USA and Europe, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, France, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Great Britian, Canada and Australia. DONNA is a red-headed passionate singer/songwriter. She orchestrates and engineers the nuances of each of her songs and accompanies herself on several instruments.
Inspirational and exciting, check out DONNA's new video, A WORLD IN HARMONY, the title song from her new original musical. Go to link .
DONNA has performed in many countries around the world and will be performing in Europe and America in concert in 2012. When DONNA performs, she can belt out a powerfully moving Broadway song and in the next moment transport you to a beautiful serene aural setting. DONNA communicates the essence of the songs she sings.
As one fan from Boston writes following attendance one of her 2011 concerts,: “This was a one of a kind treat. Particularly all of the songs that are near and dear to your heart. They were delightful. I caught myself crying several times during your performance. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t tears of sadness… I was overcome by emotion because your songs and your performance in general touched my heart. Your art built a bridge between your heart and mine. It was like feeling drunk without having one drop of alcohol in my system. That emotion had to come out and tears were my way of letting it out. Has your heart ever felt like it was about to explode with emotion? I can’t tell you what it was that made me feel that way while I was listening to those beautiful songs, because I just don’t know but something, some emotion, some spirit, something tangible just touched my heart. I am so grateful that you let us know about this concert. It gave me the opportunity to finally meet you in person and we were treated to a wonderful concert. Your light shines through. If there were more people like yourself in our world, it sure would be a much, much nicer place. My husband truly enjoyed the concert also.”
Other comments from fans in San Francisco, New York, Paris, etc: “DONNA’S music is out of this world. “Says Harold, a San Francisco Bay Area resident.
The songs on DONNA’s album, “make me feel so good. It took my breath away, I had to stop driving my car.”
Her music, says Mary, is meaningful and very sensitive. I enjoyed listening to her CD.” Sentiments held by Mary and Harold are echoed by DONNA’S fans in America and Europe.

Jill Tucker, in her newspaper review of DONNA’S album, FOREST OF LOVE, said that, DONNA’S “haunting lyrics create magical images, forging a symbiotic bond with her listeners.” She further states that DONNA’S “is an accomplished and versatile singer, songwriter, orchestrator, and musician, who accompanies her rich, textured voice with excellent musical performances on the pedal harp, guitar, piano, and keyboard synth. “

“DONNA’S original songs on her album, FOREST OF LOVE, abound in rich,
luscious, sensuous inspired sounds of love creating aural pleasure. DONNA, a mullti-instrumentalist, orchestrates her songs creating a sympathetic and harmonious chord in her listener.

If you want to capture the moment, feel the emotion, experience the ethereal, enjoy the romance, listen to DONNA’s music on one of her albums.

You can listen to DONNA’s music on
As one listener in New York City put it, “I get goose bumps every time I listen to the DONNA’s album. Her music and lyrics touch my heart, sooth my soul, and make me feel inspired and encouraged.

DONNA’S rich voice communicates clarity and sensuality, creating music to be experienced over and over. A true artist, producing music, some have said, not of this world, DONNA’s music will touch your heart and magically draw you closer to your own heart and soul.