Donna & Andy

Donna & Andy


Juno nominated, Donna & Andy engage their audiences in a memorable musical experience. Performing original songs and standard favourites for the young and young at heart, audience participation is inevitable. Children and parents love their interactive show and great music.


Donna & Andy

The dynamic duo of Donna & Andy are always ready to entertain children and families. Their original infectious songs cause uncontrollable audience participation. You should try the Penguin line dance, experience the cat that ate the computer mouse and be amazed at Andy's chicken.

2007 Juno Nominees, Donna Rhodenizer and Andy Duinker have been performing professionally together since 1996. Andy's extensive vocal range and guitar, Donna's keyboard and vocals, and the addition of violin create a versatile and varied performance. Donna & Andy have performed for over 300,000 audience members in 1100 performances throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The songs on their 2009 ECMA nominated CD "Blue Skies and Pirates" are in a variety of musical styles and instrumental arrangements, creating an exciting listening experience. Donna & Andy are also joined by some of the finest studio musicians including Jamie Gatti, Greg Simm, Don Chapman, Chris Mitchell, Ross Billard, Rick Waychesko, Mike Farrington, Tim Keels, Ivor Rothwell, James Eager and more. The 12 songs on this CD are presented in two versions: full performance tracks, as well as instrumental tracks. The instrumental tracks are often used by elementary students who sing along for elementary school concerts and assemblies.
Children at home also like to sing along with the instrumental tracks when they can choose their favorite songs to sing for their admiring family and friends.

Once your kids fall in love with Donna & Andy's songs, you may never get to listen to any other CDs.

Donna & Andy's Juno nominated CD, "Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me" also received an ECMA nomination and a Music Nova Scotia Award. This CD can be used with the "Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me" songbook or Teacher’s Resource. This follows a long tradition of Donna & Andy developing music resources for elementary school music programs. Teachers throughout North America welcome this authentic music for children that enriches their music programs.

Donna & Andy’s recording “It’s Christmas Time” was nominated for a 2007 ECMA for Children’s Recording of the Year. Their "Computer Cat" CD garnered a 2004 ECMA Award for Children's Recording of the Year as well as receiving a 2003 Music Nova Scotia nomination. Donna Rhodenizer also received a Music Nova Scotia nomination for Educator of the Year in 2003, 2004 and 2006.

In addition to performing, composing and recording, Donna & Andy co-founded Red Castle Publishing to print and distribute their original music to schools and choirs across Canada and the U.S. They have published over 50 original songs in a series of four songbooks and 30 individual titles for choirs.

Most music products, including CDs and songbooks developed by Donna Rhodenizer, Andy Duinker and Red Castle Publishing, are approved by the Nova Scotia Department of Education as Approved Learning Resources. The Department of Education has endorsed the quality of Donna & Andy’s original music and resources by purchasing two of the song collections for every elementary school in Nova Scotia.

Within the past 13 years, Donna & Andy and Red Castle Publishing have distributed 16,000 copies of their CDs, 3,000 songbooks and over 15,000 copies of single sheet music of their original songs.

Donna & Andy are working on an instrumental album of Donna's original fiddle and violin works as well as the next children's album to be released in September 2009. Their second collection of original Christmas songs by Donna, entitled “Christmas Encore”, is slated for release in the fall of 2010.

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Star Light Star Bright

Written By: Donna Rhodenizer

Star Light Star Bright

Star light, star bright shine on me
Tell me what on earth you see.
Shining down from the sky above
do you make a wish on who you see?
Star light, star bright,
who's wishing?

Star light, star bright could it be
you are all alone like me?
Could I make your wish come true?
No more can I, I know, than you.
Star light, star bright,
who's wishing?

Seems to me a simple life
to wait for wishes in the night;
'til the sunrise sets you free
from granting wishes endlessly.

If I saw the things you do,
would I still shine on like you?
Blazing there for all to see,
for children, lovers, fools like me.
Star light, star bright,
who's wishing?

We can share the dark night skies,
sharing secrets, hopes and lies.
Safely distant, miles away,
too far to trust or to betray.
Star light, star bright,
who's wishing?


Star light, star bright,
who's wishing?
Who's wishing?

Words and music by Donna Rhodenizer

© Copyright by Donna Rhodenizer
Red Castle Publishing PO Box 10001 New Minas, NS B4N 5K1

Call of the Ocean

Written By: Donna Rhodenizer

(Donna Rhodenizer)

Sailing on the ocean, living by the sea
It's the only place for a fisherman
And old salt flakes like me
Give me briny water, give me crying gulls
And a creaking ship tied to the dock
With barnacles beneath her hull.

And the salt runs free
In the veins of a Nova Scotian
You can try to hide
But you'll not escape the ocean
She will have her way
You will never ever leave her
She will call your name
'til you come home again.

Flowing tides and currents, waves upon the strand
Time to roll your pant legs to your knees
Walk barefoot in the sand.
Building boats and castles
Fragile hopes and dreams
Some are fashioned out of crumbling sand
And some are hewn from sturdy beams.


Tag: She will call your name
'til you come home again.


"Blue Skies and Pirates"
2009 ECMA nominated (Children's Recording of the Year)

"Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me"
Juno & ECMA award nominations

"Computer Cat"
Winner of East Coast Music Award, for Children's Recording of the Year.

"Its Christmas Time"
2007 ECMA nomination

"Fine Company"
Adult Contemporary Folk CD featuring Andy's solo voice.

Set List

Set list is different for each show depending on the audience demographic.

It includes original songs by Donna & Andy from their song collections, some standard favourites and participation songs that families all enjoy.

And you should see Andy's chicken!